Gamblers like Patriots in '08

 I typically don't cruise betting sites.  In fact, I work hard to avoid them.  If I get another stupid popup to some salacious site in the Ukraine, I'm going to throw my computer against the wall, so I don't need to tempt fate by visiting "popup heaven".  Yes, I stay away, but this particular site, is not bad.  Let me offer this disclaimer: I am, in no way, affiliated with this site nor am I suggesting you should run off and type in your credit card number on this site and launch your internet betting hobby.  No Sir.  I DO suggest that you use all the information you can find about your team and others to stay informed.  Especially when they say the New England Patriots are the best team out there:

BetUS NFL Futures Odds

To Win AFC East

Buffalo Bills +800
New York Jets +1000
Miami Dolphins +1200

To win the AFC Championship

San Diego Chargers +450
Indianapolis Colts +500
Jacksonville Jaguars +900
Pittsburgh Steelers +1200
Cleveland Browns +1600
Tennessee Titans +2000
Denver Broncos +2000
Cincinnati Bengals +2200
Baltimore Ravens +2500

The smaller the number, the better.  As you can see, the AFC East will be a stomping (-1000) with the AFC Championship being a bit closer.

The odds for AFC Teams to win the Superbowl are interesting, to say the least:

BetUS NFL Futures Odds - To Win Super Bowl XLIII

New England Patriots +325
New York Jets +10000
Buffalo Bills +8000
Miami Dolphins +10000
Baltimore Ravens +6000
Cincinnati Bengals +4500
Pittsburgh Steelers +1750
Cleveland Browns +3000
Indianapolis Colts +700
Tennessee Titans +3500
Houston Texans +6500
San Diego Chargers +700
Denver Broncos +4000
Kansas City Chiefs +10000

Over at the NFC, Dallas is favored to win the Championship - I'm not too surprised with that pick (it's hard for a Superbowl champ to repeat).  So based on this site, Brady will be squaring off against Romo; that'd be a good game.  Oh, it almost slipped my mind: T.O. and Moss.  Can you say, "Media Circus?"  I knew you could.

What does this tell us?  Absolutely nothing.  I do, however, place more credence on betting sites than I do "what if's" from ESPN and (make sure you read the good with the bad, too).  Why?  These guys are putting real dollars and cents on the line; some writer in a cubicle is just pulling crap off of Google, chatting it up with his buddies at the local watering hole, and writing an article.  Ok, that was a little harsh (and it sounds an awful lot like me!).  Some might actually be TALKING to players, coaches and league officials.  These numbers will certainly change as the season moves on.  My point is, gather information from everywhere you can, but try to cultivate as many reasonable sources as you can - both friendly and not-so-friendly viewpoints.  Happy reading.

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