my offensive assessment

well, i'm back! i've been mostly busy filming for my high school football team, and mostly school work, but i'm done for now.

Now this post is about my assessment of our offense, mostly on tom brady, but an overall assessment regardless.


Our offense, admittedly is not performing up to some fans standards, which i think are kinda high considering what happened. But i didn't expect more than an around an average offense, especially considering the factor of tom brady.


Now, Tom Brady, looking at some video of his this season, obviously has some accuracy issues. Now, i tried to analyze what makes a throw accurate, and imo  the biggest factor of any accurate throw, is the legs. the back leg does the most work, but they both are very important for the QB.  I'm sure many of you know this already. Now, without playing doctor, i don't expect brady to be 07 brady by next week. in fact, i don't expect him to be that good until wk 12-14. the timing still needs to be worked on, and so is the chemistry, but i'm not too worried about brady, until someone actually hits his knee.


with that being said, let's look at his weapons.

1) Randy Moss: What could you want more in a receiver than moss's ability to get pass defenders and make awesome catches? Although we haven't seen him get many TD's or catches, he's the same old moss like he was in 07. except for the fact that, if brady was healthier, he would be A LOT more dangerous just because i see him going more over the middle than he did in 07. them soccer feet must be paying off. He can also block! :)

2) Wes Welker: I don't think he needs an explanation of how Awesome he is.

3) Joey Galloway: He's the main reason why I wanted to talk about brady's weapons. while i admit that he's been inconsistent and not much of a target, i just keep thinking "If he catches a ball, how many YAC could he get?" imo, YAC is the reason he's on the #2 or 3 spot next to moss or in the slot.I think he was #1 in YAC last year, but i'm probably wrong. But IF he catches the ball, he can quickly turn into The Flash. But that's if he catches the ball.

4) Julian Edelman: I think this guy should be in the slot instead of galloway, seriously. This guy is SOOOOO similar to welker in so many ways, even the announcers one time mistaken edelman for welker one game. How the hell did we find this guy? He's more consistent than galloway, and can get open easier. 

5) Sam Aiken: I like how Sam is playing right now, even if you don't hear him too much in the game. he skills reminds me of how gaffney and his skills were in 07. Great special teamer too. he's also consistent besides that one play in the falcons game. I ike to see more from him, and see some game changing plays when needed.


I like how our RB's are, even when people don't like this guy, or that guy, and "that guy should start instead of this guy." because no matter who's in, they've been a consistent group whether you see it or not. hey get the yards when needed, and they are doing their job as a whole. surprisingly, imo, i found that our running attack has been more consistent than our passing attack so far. i say this just because i haven't seen too much on our passing plays besides brady to welker. but when we go to the running attack, it seems to work better!


Well, looking at brady's weapons, there's nothing wrong with them, besides maybe galloway. It's all brady and when that accuracy and chemistry comes back. I have no worries about the offense as a whole, including the running game, is still a work in progress despite, there's no question about it. and as a side topic, our defense is still feeling like they're keeping us in the games, which is a good thing, and i like where they're at in terms of how they're playing.

Like I said, work in progress. don't be too concerned, because, after all, we should expect this at the moment. we might see some magic later in the season, but we never know. I'll be worried if we're into next season, and brady is still playing like peyton manning did early in his 08 season, which is very similar of how brady is playing at the moment.


I'm open to any knowledge you guys possess, so rebuttal my assessment freely if you wish!

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