Week 7 Power Rankings

What If Sports ranks them 4th (+10)

Peter King at SI ranks them 5th (+4):  Either the Tennessee Titans are Secaucus High, or the Patriots might have taken their first snowy steps back to prominence Sunday.

National Football Post ranks them 6th (+3):  The deep ball found its way back into the Patriots game plan and Tom Brady reverted back to 2007 form in a destruction of the Titans.

The Sporting News ranks them 6th (+3):  Tom Brady's passing show against Tennessee might be the spark they needed.

Fox Sports ranks them 6th (+3):  RPI UPDATE: Tom Brady didn't have it easy coming off a full year of recovery, with the Titans walk in the snow the first true working week off. After early-season rust, the Pats took down the Ravens and Falcons, and lost on the road in OT to the new-and-improved Broncos.

LOOKING AHEAD: The Patriots should be in the playoffs comfortably this winter. Count them at 5-2 after a Week 8 bye, then face five straight challenges — a pair against Miami bookending the annual Colts visit, the Jets rematch and a Week 12 MNF visit to the Superdome. But even at 2-3 at worst in that stretch, they'll be 7-5 heading into a relatively easy final four.

ESPN ranks them 6th (+4):  How many points can Tom Brady put up on Tampa Bay after putting up 59 on Tennessee

WEEI ranks them 6th (+5):  The Patriots offense was oozing, ready to explode, and it finally erupted on Sunday. Although the Pats played a terrible defensive team in the Titans, the way they dominated was very impressive. They made it look like they were playing a Pop Warner team.  Tom Brady and the Pats will continue to get on track and find their groove over the next couple weeks. They have the luxury of playing the Buccaneers this Sunday and then will cruise into their bye. Expect the three-time Super Bowl champs to be playing like the Patriots of old sooner rather than later.

USA Today ranks them 6th (+3):  Bucs will be second winless team Brady faces in a row.

Don Banks ranks them 6th (+4):  The NFL won't like me saying this, but I think we know right now three of the four division winners in the AFC this season: The Patriots in the East, the Colts in the South, and the Broncos in the West. Sorry to ruin anyone's suspense, but it's pretty obvious the three-team race in the North is the only real open question in the AFC. The Patriots will be 6-2 when they roll into their three-week stretch of showdowns to close out November: at Indy in Week 10, Jets at home in Week 11, and at New Orleans in Week 12.

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 6th:  Last week: 59-0 win vs. Tennessee. Now that he’s got a 59-0 win under his belt, it’s worth noting that Tom Brady is pretty great. Since throwing four INTs in a loss to Indy back in 2006, he’s tossed an amazing 72 touchdown passes to just 14 interceptions and has a record of 27-4 (.871). Over those 31 games, only twice did he finish with a passer rating less than 75.

CBS Sports ranks them 7th (+3):  What we saw Sunday is what we've come to expect from Tom Brady. As the season moves along, we'll see more of it. It's a matter of timing.

ProFootball Weekly ranks them 7th (+2):  Praying snow is in the London forecast for this weekend.

Yahoo! Sports ranks them 7th (+2):  When the Pats scored that eighth touchdown on Jeff Fisher’s Titans, did senior football advisor Floyd Reese become so aroused that he had to excuse himself?



AVERAGE RANK:  6.00 (+3.83)

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