New England Patriots Links 11/12/09 - Rivalry Week Continues: All Pats-Colts, All the Time

That's the rival quarterback we know and love.

Tom Brady talks about being a part of the rivalry with Peyton Manning and the Colts.

Yeah, I'm always keeping up on Peyton. We talk from time to time. I have a lot of respect for him as a player, and for the role model that he is, the way that he carries himself, the way the he leads the team, and the way he's a representative for the league, and all of those things.

It was his third year in the league when I was a rookie and it was pretty much my first start came against the Colts. Peyton came over on our field and said, ‘Hey, I'm Peyton Manning.' I said, ‘No shit.' We ended up winning that game, but it's a great contest for us. I think the great thing about playing the Colts is that you really see where you are as a team. We've made some improvements, we all feel that we've made some improvements over the last five, six weeks and this is really where you get put to the test, with a team that can play well in all phases. They can score points. They're leading the league in defense. So it's a lot of fun for us.

Erik Scalavino notes the handmade "DO MY JOB" sign at Vince Wilfork's locker, and the positive reactions from his teammates.

"It’s easy to come in and forget what you’re here for. A lot of things going on earlier with me and with my contract, that was one thing I wanted to make clear to myself. So every time I come to my locker, I remind myself what I’m here for. That’s to do my job. I have to sit at this locker every day, so I have to see that every day. Every time I see that, it reminds me what I’m doing, why I’m here, it makes me get in my playbook even more."

"I’m pretty sure a lot of guys on the team see it, too," Wilfork said of his sign. "They say stuff about it. It just reminds me why I’m here, and that might be rubbing off on some of the other guys. Do your job. It’s gonna stay there, long as I’m here."





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