Things not involving bellicheck + 4th down!

Okay i think every one killed this topic from the end of the game to this morning. I'm sitting here bored in class so now lets about about the 58 other minutes of the game everyone has forgotten.


Brady: it's official he's back. We now show we can pick apart good def. not just mediocre ones. Everything seemed to point to brady being back from the injury and slow start to pick up where he left off b4 08.

Moss: the guy is a beast. everyone talks about how he's diminishing as he get older, well...those ppl can eat it.Even if he isn't as fast as he used to be, his hands and ability to catch in traffic makes him a huge threat even if he gets older. Next week he gets rematch with revis, which will be interesting.

Welker: Welker being Welker. No need to point to how he's been doing cuz he's simply mr. consistent

Faulk: great running by faulk and barely missed a big catch. I'll be sad if he simply becomes a 3rd down back again after morris/taylor returns. right now he seems like the best RB we got.

Maroney: iunno what to say about maroney. He's simply up and down. At times he looked great and looking like about to break out. But the rare endzone fumble costed us big. it seems like he either gives us good yrd or gets stuffed for a loss/no gain.

Vollmer: Freeney will be happy to not see vollmer again for a while. He might take Light's job. But on the other side Kaczur got man handled by mathis. When light comes back i think there might be some shifts in our O-line

Defense: I'm not gonna point out too much individuals on def stood out too much. i will say the def played greta in the beginning. a lot fo their scoring came on insanely good catches despite our coverage. However the problem was either we stop them on the first drive or we let them drive down field for a td. if we limited one of the drives to a fg only, the game would have ended in our favor. It seems this defense is either very good or very porous. Every game they seem to have one quarter where there is a lapse in def. With at said, for the first few innigns we got pressure on Manning which was good. also we shut down clark for the game. our pick ups of burgess and bodden played well and showed y we got them. I'm hoping warren and TBC will be back soon tho so the defense can run on full capacity. Ona  side note, i'nm wonder what happened to shawn springs. i would've liked him to cover reggie wayne over the younger more inexperienced guys.

you thoughts guys?

Oh ya: The loss doesn't really account for as much as some people made it out to be. We can still get a first round bye depending on Bengals and Broncos. Bengals looks good but they have the vikings so there's hope there. While Bronco's def and offense have in lacking recently so if we keep winning we can get a heads up. the 2nd seed is still very much up in the air. the division can be over if we beat the jets and miami agian in the coming weeks. The loss to the colts was tough but it wasn't devastating in terms of the future.

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