Here's my analysis of the Pats-Saints Game

Now, for those of you coming here and blogging, i don't necessarily use stats to judge a team of how they're doing. I do reference them a few times, to backup their skills.

Saints vs. Pats


Comparing offenses: his is by far the toughest category


The Saints: The saints have been great on offense, both running and passing. Drew Brees is a monster of accuracy, and has WRs that are excellent route runners like colston and moore(i don't know too much about henderson, but i hear that he is doing well), and we can't forget their TE jeremy Shockey, who, imo, is almost as good as dallas clark as a receiving TE. Their running game consists of pierre thomas, reggie bush, and mike bell. Pierre has both the strength and quickness, and has great potential to be a great RB. Reggie, i think, is used more on passing situations, but can be just as almost effective running it. mike bell has proven that he can be depended on to make the running game work without thomas, but thomas is a lot better(imo) and although we've been doing well against the run defense so far, thomas, with brees and his passing game, can be just as much a factor.


The Patriots offense has been great the past few weeks. it seems that tom brady is 97% back to his form of 07(yes, big deal i use 07 for his max. potential). Brady has been throwing smarter, more accurate, has more pocket presence, and better release than i have seen from the first 6-8 weeks(the titans game, i've seen accuracy in his throws, and if it was the brady who overthrew and underthrew everyone like he did most of early in the season, than he'll be less successful). Our running game seems to be on and off with maroney, and times more than most, he seems to be hitting people instead of trying to be a reggie bush or darren sproles in avoiding people. This will, again, be another test for maroney to see if he can be more consistent and better at finding holes. Our offensive line seems like the group we know of in the 07 regular season, with out matt light. Sea Bass has been a juggxrnaught at LT basically sealing the left side of tom brady. nick kaczur seems to be the weak spot at right tackle, and we may be A LOT better if we move matt light at RT this week. Now, what can i say about our receivers? Welker is 90% unstoppable, and while moss is the most frequent double teamed target, welker takes advantage of it no problem. no doubt Moss is still an offensive weapon to be reckon with, even if he doesn't have 100+ yard games every week. he can get open in the middle, and is a great endzone weapon and sideline weapon(revis was doing great against moss, but failed to make the KEY plays). Oh, and who can forget the ever reliable Kevin Faulk? To me, he is like the welker of our backfield.

QB: Tom Brady. Reason: (this was NOT easy at all) This is almost like comparing Brady and Manning. But the reason i choose brady is that he can read defenses a lot better than brees. I do think that brees is more accurate than brady, but brady ups him in pocket presence, reading defenses, and he has a longer resume in coming from behind victories(which means that i would pick the guy with more experience in CFB wins, not that brees has done them, but i feel more comfortable with brady, and no doubt that brees has great pocket presence and can read defenses well, but i think brady can do those a bit more better).

RB: No doubt the Saints. I'm a big maroney fan, and kevin faulk is an awesome 3rd down specialist, but if i were to depend on a running game, i'll depend on pierre thomas and mike bell, with bush as a monster receiving back.

OL: The Pats. We have 3 pro bowl lineman who are still playing like pro bowlers, vollmer is looking like a starting tackle all ready, and is so good us as fans are contemplating of him replacing matt light for him. put matt light at RT please, just to get rid of the thorn on the right side? I'm not very familiar with the saints o-line, so sorry for not putting anything in here. You guys could tell me a little about your current o-line, and where do you think they stand.

WRs: Another tough one. Moss vs. Colston, Welker vs. henderson(or Rober Meachem), edelman vs. moore? Well, colston is great, but moss is better(think if drew brees has randy moss?) and no doubt welker is A LOT better than henderson and moore(again, think if brees had wes welker? Scary.) Robert Meachem and edelman are both very talented, but i'll give to meachem because he seems to be making starting calibur strides. But i'll have to obviously give the receivers category to the Pats.

I really do think, at the moment, that brees and his offense are just as good as the pats offense. They're both REALLY effective offenses, but i also do think that the Saints offense is more diverse.


Comparing Defenses:

The Saints: The Saints have an average-above average defense. Will Smith has been tremendous in pass rushing, and Charles Grant has been average in pass rushing, but can tackle well, and both DL and LB can stop the run adequately. The DTs are doing okay. it seems like the team is built on passing rushing at the ends, and the tackles occupy as much O-lineman as possible. The DTs seem to be having trouble getting to the QB which is all i can say. Their LB's are great pass defending LBs, as well as having good-great vision. Vilma is an extreme force, shanle(think that's how you spell it) has pass defending skills, and fujita has pass rushing skills. Running has been there weakness thus far, but vilma and the gang can manage with drew brees's offense and their TOP. The secondary looks improved from last year. jabari greer has been doing well, and tracy porter looks like a good-great #2 corner. Sharper has been the leader and key contributer of this secondary, becoming a force as a game changing safety.

The Pats: The Pats can throw plenty of looks at any defense. they can play 3-4 as well as 4-3. They have complex blitzing schemes, as well as zone schemes mixing with some man coverage schemes(i don't know if the saints switch to 3-4 every so often, and i'm not too familiar with their defensive scheme is. I thought maybe they run zone blitzing schemes a lot, but i'm not sure). Our DL with jarvis green, wilfork, and warren(and sometimes wright at tackle or end) are VERy effective in both run and pass defense. our LBs tully banta-cain and thomas have stepped it up as pass rushing LB's, as well as having above average awareness for run defense(thomas developed this A LOT later in the season), and Mayo and Guyton have been silent contributers in both the run and pass. Mayo has arguably the best awareness of the LB core, and has that nose where he can smell where the running ball carrier might run towards, or where the qb might pass the ball. Guyton has almost become a mini Mayo, but still needs some learning. Our secondary has been excellent this season. meriweather has become a force at the secondary with bodden making great strides at corner. butler and wilhite have been adequate at #2 corner, btu they made some nice plays in the season. And james sanders is a silent contributer as well.

DL: The pats: the saints still need some more work on the DL, and the Pats have arguably the top 5 DL in the NFL.

LB: Tie: Vilma and Mayo are awesome in both pass and rushing defense, but vilma just beats mayo by a sliver. Our OLB however are SLIGHTLY better just because of how awesome banta-cain has been on passing downs, and thomas stepping it up late in the season, and slowly coming into his form.

Secondary: Tie: They both stepped up HUGE this year, and made big plays when needed.

I gave the edge to the pats, not just because of the DL, but because of our complex blitzing and passing schemes. We are a 3-4 4-3 hybrid team, and that opens up a lot of defensive options for us.


I think the score will be Pats 31 Saints 27. The pats will be down 3 points late in the 4th quarter, and brady will move down the field to get a TD instead of settling for the field goal. Although overtime does seem likely as well.


I hope I didn't seem TOO one sided, although I did have the pats win the most categories, so it'll obviously seem to look like i was purposely being one sided. But I did really try to get a fair comparison. I don't know the saints as much as the fans of the saints who blog on Canal Street Chronicles, so i'm open to anything about the saints that i may not have said accurately about. Let's have nice clean debates, where our personal feelings don't merge with our intelligence as sports fans!

P.S. Hope you all had a great Thanksgiving!

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