Ramblers, let's get rambling...


Ramblings from a mind that rambles…


Hey sexy Rexy, how’s the smack talk thing working out for you?


Yeah, Pat’s fans…FYI – Edge James was washed up like 3 seasons ago.   If he is our best answer, I am afraid of what the question is.


OK, ok, maybe I was wrong, perhaps Brandon Tate has a little more Stephan Starring than Stanley Morgan in him. 


Billy Balls stashing guys away on the Inactive list rather than IRing them and moving on?  What has this world come to?


Not sure Miami has much of a chance on the second of their back to back road games playing a team coming off the equivalent of 3 bye weeks in a row. 


Guessing Billy Balls saw both the Tenn and TB games as a free look at how his secondary rookies, like Butler and Chung, would respond to a healthy dose of playing time.  Probably figured he couldn’t lose those games anyway.


Dear Vince Young, I wouldn’t make those reservations for the Pro Bowl just yet.  Many a slip, twixt a cup and a lip.


I absolutely loved the Al Davis interview after the Seymour trade – where old Mr. Burns proudly intimated that Billy Balls had to “check with his owner” before consummating the Seymour trade.  It was a veiled reference to the fact that old Al wasn’t the only “meddlesome” owner.  Hey Al, WOW – you really got over on that one.  Solid work.  Don’t bust your skeleton wrist patting yourself on your bony crypt keeper back.  Oh and one thing, just a reminder for those keeping score at home…Billy Balls has got Randy Moss, Derrick Burgess and a Number 1 pick for Richard Seymour, a 3rd, 4th and a 5th.  You really stuck it to him that time.  Live that one up. 

After 4 weeks of country bumpkin Phil Simms and the world’s most insincere man, Jim Nantz – I really enjoyed the bye week.  If I ever hear Nantz say such and such player is from “down (insert southern city name here) way” – again I am going to puke.  And Simms with his uses of the word “HIM” without the letter “H.”  “Oh and it looks like they got ‘im, but they missed ‘im.”    And they wonder why we throw snowballs into their booth during games.


It’s pretty obvious the collapse starts this week for the Vikings, right?  Just like my ex-wife, he waited two years, got his weird trumped up “revenge” and now what?  Oh I have to play nine more games?  You mean I can’t go ride my tractor?  Speaking of that, it better be the best damn lawn I have ever seen after all the talk about riding around on his stupid tractor.


I wonder if the Mangenius had it all to do over again, if he would’ve taken Billy Balls advice and stuck around with the Pats for a few more seasons to learn a bit more from the master.  In his deepest recesses of his brain, I am guessing he wishes he had a mulligan on that one.


Are you like me and take perverse pleasure in watching the Giants stumble around like walking wounded and lose three straight.  Destiny thy name is Karma and it is coming back around.  Guess the last three weeks the Giants didn’t “WANT IT MORE.” 


Even though the 2007 team didn’t finish off perfection, I find myself turning into a bit of Mercury Morris and secretly hoping the Ponies and the Aints both stumble pretty soon.  If I start clinking glasses and popping champagne, just put my head in the oven. 


Dallas is faking; check out who they have played.  San Diego is a fraud too, and will get killed on East Coast time this week.  Jekyll and Hydes are Arizona, Jax and Carolina.  Just like Forrest Gump, you never know whatcha gonna get.


I think the future marketing of the NFL lies with reality shows filmed and broadcast in season, like Hard Knocks – but throughout the regular season and playoffs for each team – aired locally.  Tell me you wouldn’t watch that on weekly basis on the Pats.  When I hear Jarvis Green is going to miss 2-4 weeks with a knee scope, my first thought is how it affects the outcome of the upcoming games.  But if we were able to know a bit more about Jarvis as a person, it would strengthen the connection between fan and team.  It would also rake in the lesser tapped female market.  The females need that Oprah connection and this would do it.  HBO has done it with boxing and it works.  Pretty sure Billy Balls would have an embolism though.


Is Tampa Bay the piece of poop that floats in the bowl, amongst all the others that sink?  Or vice versa?  I mean they stand out now for being the only O-fer team left– but in the end – aren’t they all really just poop in the bowl (STL, DET, TEN, OAK, WASH)?


This cat on that replaced Reiss, Bert Breer, is good, really good.  I am back at the old Reiss’ Pieces blog much more than the last 6 weeks, now that he is on-board.  Guess they call it “Extra Points.”  Why don’t they call it “Football Tidbits and Discussion Points” if they want a really crappy name?  How about some creativity?  ‘Bert and Ernie?’  Breer Goggles?  Boston Breer Works?  Gotta be something better than Extra Points out there.


After listening to Felger and Mazz on 98.5, I find it painful to tune into EEI.  Now don’t get me wrong I think Mazz is whistling past the graveyard and out of his league with Felger.  I also wish I could buy stock in headlines like, “Holley joins The Sports Hub to Team with Felger.”  EEI is just spent.  Ordway, with his Napoleonic complex has surrounded himself with sycophants (Sheppard, Smerlas) and wannabes (DeOssie) that aren’t very talented or intelligent.  Merloni is progress for the show, but it is too little too late.  Real managers surround themselves with talent and share in the glory – and allow intelligent discourse.  Shouting down, asking obvious pointed questions to make a point and blowing people up isn’t the way to build rapport with an audience.  As successful as he has been, I am not sure he is seeing the forest for the trees.  It is insulting to the local audience, for every blue collar guy living in Malden relishing the show there are 2 living in affluent communities (with more buying power) that soon will be listening to the Sports Hub.  Keep playing the fiddle Glenn.  The lifeboats are to your left, in case you were wondering.


The Pats have more young talent than I can remember them having in a long time.  Wilhite, Butler, Chung, Mayo, Guyton, Meriweather, McGowan, Vollmer, Edelman, Tate.  Oh and don’t forget 7 picks in the first two rounds of the next two drafts.   The common theme seems to be that all of them, save Vollmer, can fly.  Team speed has definitely been a focus in player acquisition. 


Enjoy week 9!

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