New England Patriots Links 12/17/09 - Patriots Will Meet The New (and improved?) Buffalo Bills

Vince Wilfork warming up in the freezing cold.

Bill Belichick responds to a question about trying to be more focused on getting the running game going.

You know you guys have seen us play before and there's time where we've run it 30, 40 times. And there are times where we've thrown it 40 times, or 25 straight plays or whatever it is. Our philosophy offensively is to try to move the ball and score points. Whatever plays those are - if they contribute to that end result, then that's good; if they don't, then we'll try to find something that will. To me, it's not about runs or passes, or which player has stats or what player doesn't have stats, it's about the team moving the ball, not turning it over and ultimately scoring points. That's our job on offense. However that happens, if it's happening, it's good. If it isn't, then we need to find a better way to do it.

Karen Guregian reports Vince Wilfork left the field twice with an ankle injury Sunday, and continues to be dedicated and loyal even without the new contract he craves.

Many athletes probably wouldn’t have bothered, or risked further injury, but that’s not Wilfork. Even in a contract year, he went back out there and gave it a go. Maybe that’s why fans adore and appreciate him so much. Maybe that’s why he’s currently leading all AFC interior lineman with 221,195 votes in the latest Pro Bowl tabulations released by the NFL.

Along with being a force at his position, along with taking on double teams, he always plays hard and he’s always willing to play hurt.

Wilfork did not practice yesterday and was not seen in the locker room, but he did make an appearance Tuesday night at Ira Toyota in Milford to promote Toys for Tots.

The good news was Wilfork did not show up in a wheelchair, nor was he on crutches. By one account, he did walk with a bit of a limp. He did his best to reassure those in attendance he would do what was necessary to be able to play Sunday in Buffalo in a key AFC East game against the Bills. Wilfork signed every autograph and mingled for hours, talking shop and promoting positive feelings about the Patriots, even if those are in short supply at the moment.





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