Steal this Thread! Week - 13, Wonder Twins Edition.


 Yet another thread to be stolen. 


From MaPatsFan: I don't mind thread stealing as it gives people a chance to get a little "goofy".  However, I DO like the idea of a separate thread.

    This thread (named in dubious honor [or honour for Comedic.Sans] of a book titled Steal This Book) is a thread that was designed to be stolen.  Random thoughts, check.  Inane observations, perfectly fine.  Multiple segues, the more the merrier.  Goofy pictures, haiku, whatever.  If the thread gets unwieldy, I'll create a new sandbox for us to play in.  Feel free to jump in, the water's fine.

A couple restrictions, however.  To keep this from becoming a war, we need to steer clear of politics, and religion.

On that note, and in looking forward to this weekend's game.  I leave you this:

Some of you may remember the Wonder Twins (Zan and Jayna) from one of their many incarnations.

They would bump fists and then Zan would change into some form of water (see the bucket by his feet) and Jayna would change into some sort of animal (like the eagle to her right).  Oh, and they had a monkey, Gleek, which wore a jumpsuit and sort of did monkey stuff, what fun.


Wonder Twin Dolls   --  Eli Manning: "They're action figures."   --  So we've heard Eli, so we've heard.


 Anyway, what does this have to do, even tangentially, with the Patriots?  Um, well, when Terrence Wheatley and Jonathan Wilhite showed up last year (both having W last names), they were nicknamed the Wonder Twins (how terribly clever).  Wheatley had a great game against the Colts last year (sort of a ball hawk) before he broke his wrist (now both have been reconstructed).  Wilhite impressed Hoodie this year with his fluid movements. 

Now we have to wonder which twin is which.  Of course I already gave it away with the fluid movement remark and the fact that in the last game he took the "Form of a leaking sieve."  Yes, Wilhite is indeed Zan.  By default, that would make Wheatley, um, Jayna.  Now this is an important point.  Since Jayna is a shapeshifter, she could be a he who likes to dress like a she, so I'm not saying Wheatley is a girl or anything.  Of course, I'm not saying he/she isn't either.  I'm just skirting, as it were, that whole issue.  Anyway, last game Wheatley (the ball hawk) took the "Form of an invisible woman."   Of course the answer to "who is the monkey" eludes me now, but here is a picture of our Wonder Twins and their very non-simian coach who does not wear a jumpsuit:


So just when do their Wonder Twin powers activate?


And yes, I was hoping they would make a monkey out of Brees.

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