Congrats to the 2009 AFC East Champions...

[Editor's Note: dolphinsinbuffalo is not only a fine ambassador for his fellow Dolphins fans, but a great contributor to this site.  I always enjoy the exchanges penned by DIB and consider him to be someone who blogs with the holy trinity in mind: knowledge, passion, and respect.  Hats off!!]

[As promised in a pre-season bet with SlotMachinePlayer and BabeParilli, I have come over here to give my congratulatory post about the 2009 AFC East Champs]


This season has shown us many things, we have been able to learn so much about the NFL. We have seen the previous year's Super Bowl Champions crash and burn when they were supposed to defend their title, we have seen the agony of NFL teams and their kicker problems (congrats on not having that problem unlike the Redskins, Cowboys, and even the Saints), we have seen a team deal with the death of a coach's family member and a teammate, we have seen a team from 2008 that went 13-3 start 0-6, we have seen two teams go into week 14 undefeated, we also saw both those teams end up not undefeated, we have seen Brett Favre start off hot and have one of the best seasons of his life at 40, and we have seen a changing at the helm of the AFC East.

I never watched (well paid attention to) football my whole life until Super Bowl XLII. I bet on the game and my bet was easily accepted as I bet for the Giants to win, not knowing anything about the Patriots nor the Giants or anything that season. After that Super Bowl game I still went on not caring about football until the first week of my senior year in high school when I was sitting at lunch with a few of my male friends that were talking about football. All Bills fans except two, were talking about who was going to win the AFC East that year and I, out of nowhere, decided to say that the Dolphins would win the AFC East that year. How I knew the Dolphins were even in the AFC East was beyond me but little known to me, my guess would end up being right. From that day on, I became a devoted fan of the NFL and more importantly the Miami Dolphins, selecting them because of how poor they did in 2007. I wanted a team to believe in and that is exactly what I got. I forced myself to learn everything about the game and pay attention to everything Dolphins. My brother gave me a Dolphins hat and a friend of mine gave me a Dolphins sweatshirt and then for my birthday, my grandparents bought me a Chad Pennington jersey, I was all set. And that is where this story ends and another begins. My Dolphins won the AFC East that season in a miracle run filled with the wildcat, the re-birth of a quarterback, a favorable schedule, and a new regime. But that was last year.

This year the Patriots got their future HOF quarterback back and beginning with their first game they became a storyline in themselves. After narrowly edging off the Buffalo Bills 25-24 in an intense game, the New England Patriots went into the next week expecting to beat the seemingly hot New York Jets, but were stopped 16-9. After seeming shaky at times and hot at even more times, the Patriots gave me my game of the season on October 18th. Beating the Tennessee Titans 59-0 was a huge highlight of my season. After knocking off all of their AFC East rivals and a rival from the AFC South, the Patriots fell to the Dolphins by one point. But after that, the Patriots kept on knocking and eventually won the AFC East with the destruction of the Jaguars.

So here we are, the New England Patriots dominated the AFC East in the 2000s and finished the decade with another division title under their belts. So the moral of the story, go out there and buy that grey hat and get pumped up to see your team play when so many others are left waiting until next year. If the Dolphins would have won the AFC East, you bet I'd be getting that grey hat, so do me a favor and buy yourself one. So congrats on the season and good luck in the playoffs!

P.S. The shirts for playoffs this season are pretty cool so maybe you want one of those, too :)


P.S.S. Although I don't care for the Patriots, I enjoy all of you and am thankful for being welcomed over here.

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