Lets start at the top: 2009 is about the coaching

I love BB.  I think he's a great mind.  I think he has far too much on his chest, in his hands these days.

I posted a few weeks ago about how I felt the Pats needed stronger coordinators, that Pees and O;Brien are just fillers for spots where BB larger calls his own designs - without anyone he respects to challenge or offer alternatives. 

As good as Pees, O'Brien or even McDaniels may be - they are not of the same ilk as Wiess and Romeo who were coaches who made the play by play calls with BB overseeing the overall strategy of the game.

Right now, in this season the Pats are having a hard time seeing the forest through the trees. BB is trying to be a mile wide and a mile deep, and even he cann't support that well.  Just ask Cleveland.

The offensively play calling is horrid.  Randy Moss has 4 inches on his cover today, they through one pass to Moss underneath.  Where was the 15 yrd slant, the double out for him with Welker in the middle?  Where was the play action to a TE after such strong running.  And of course..WHERE DID THE RUN GAME GO?  The offense averaged 5+ per carry in the first half, in the second half they used the run as a last resort, again.

The offense is falling into the Dan Marino trap - IE "look, we've got a great QB, he can beat anyone."  This is what the curse of 2007 is.  1st half today, mixing up plays, run, run pass.  Pass run Pass, Pass, run, run.  Diversity leads to confusion which leads to progress.

2nd half pass, run pass,   Pass, pass run.  I could be wrong but I don't think there was more then one occassion in the 2nd half, when the past had the lead, where they ran the ball on consecutive plays.

Especially when you defense has shown no signs of shutting down the opponent, you need to establish the run to keep the O on the field.

The final stretch shouldn't be an issue, but once they are in the playoffs this team needs to take the game of Tom's shoulder by about 25%.  Let him be the smart QB, he doesn't have to be, and the team doesn't need the all everything QB.

Just as Peyton - it doesn't get you that far

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