Blogger Q&A: Panthers Edition

Hello Patriots fans and Pats Pulpit!

Jaxon here from Cat Scratch Reader. I thought I would get the Blogger Q&A posts kicked off on this Hump Day. BTW, you can read our Patriots Hump Day Prognotication here.  

So I'm here to answer any questions you may have about my beloved Panthers leading up to our throw down on Sunday. I'll start with some quick hits on where we are at this point in the 2009 season and then address some of the obvious stuff:

  • 3rd year QB Matt Moore should get his second straight start due to Jake Delhomme's broken finger on his throwing hand and I am glad. Moore wasn't steller in last weeks win over the Bucs but he played well enough to give us hope. The Patriots obviously present a better indicator as to whether this kid has a future as astarting QB.
  • QB Jake Delhomme will always be one of my favorite Panther players but I think he has lost his mojo (and arm strength?) and its time for a permanent change. His large contract may keep him around another season but I', hoping its in a back-up role.
  • RB DeAngelo Williams sat out last week and though it hasn't been announced I fully expect him to play this week.
  • Since you guys passed on DE Julius Peppers (kind of) last offseason I'm hoping he is motivated to have a big game. He's played well this season at times (8.5 sacks) but he has been limited by a broken hand a couple weeks back. He may be 100% this Sunday though.
  • We've got 10 guys on IR and some of them were key players. Regardless, at 5-7 we still have some hope for the post season but your guys could be the final nail in the coffin.
  • I'd give my left nad to beat the Patriots this week (don't need it anyway - V). We are still sore about that SB loss. Hey, when you only have one appearance its hard to forget. The fact you are only 7-5 is slightly satisfying though 7-6 might make the season (for me anyway).
  • Here's to hoping Brady is on diaper duty Saturday Night and comes to work a little foggy.

All in good fun Pats fans;)  So I'm ready for your questions. I'll check back from time to time; someone will try to answer your quesitons. I have some avid readers who like to help out too.

One last request, err two. Can I get a couple Rec's to keep this post at the top? Q#2, can someone put up a similar post on my site for my readers? They enjoy the Q&A sessions.

Good luck on injuries ...and as always...Go Panthers!

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