Who stays and who goes - OL Edition

With training camp just around the corner, it is time to look (yet again) at some of the positional battles.  Alot of this has been covered, but here I get my say.  Click here to look at the Running Backs and Tight-Ends

The Offensive Line:

67 Dan Koppen C 6-2 296 9/12/1979 7
63 Dan Connolly G/C 6-4 313 9/2/1982 4
71 Russ Hochstein G/C 6-4 305 10/7/1977 9
60 Al Johnson G/C 6-5 305 1/21/1979 7 * Dolphins
74 Billy Yates G 6-2 305 4/15/1980 6
70 Logan Mankins G 6-4 310 3/10/1982 5
61 Stephen Neal G 6-4 305 10/9/1976 8
69 Ryan Wendell G 6-2 275 3/4/1986 2 P
65 Wesley Britt T 6-8 320 11/21/1981 4
77 Nick Kaczur T 6-4 315 7/28/1979 5
64 Mark LeVoir T 6-7 306 7/29/1982 3
72 Matt Light T 6-4 305 6/23/1978 9
68 Ryan O'Callaghan T 6-7 330 7/19/1983 4
62 Rich Ohrnberger OL 6-2 291 2/13/1986 R
76 Sebastian Vollmer OL 6-8 315 7/10/1984 R
75 66 George Bussey OL 6-2 306 10/24/1985 R
91 Jermail Porter OL 6-5 310 5/24/1986 R

 I'm going to start this by saying that I would be surprised if any of the current starters lose their jobs.  I think we're looking more at challenging the backups.  Matt Light is the oldest, but still steady.  Nick Kaczur is the most likely of this bunch to look for other work.

That said, Matt Light - LT, Logan Mankins - LG, Dan Koppen - C, Stephen Neal - RG, and Nick Kaczur - RT are probably our starters this year as well. 

Likewise, I think that Russ Hochstein - the do everything backup will most likely keep his job.

Last year we had 10 OL on the active roster, Ryan O'Callaghan on IR and Ryan Wendell on the practice squad.

Of the active slots, I think 6 are pretty well filled.  No obvious IR candidates, so we are probably looking for 1 or 2 on the practice squad.

My Prediction:  Dan Connolly and Mark LeVoir stick it out as the left side backups.  Ryan O'Callaghan may possibly challenge Nick Kaczur for his day job, or else stick it out at backup.  That likely leaves Billy Yates looking for a job if either Rich Ohrnberger or Sebastian Vollmer crack the active line up.  These are the two I'm picking for the practice squad if they don't.

Which big men do you think will make it, and which will be looking elsewhere?

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