New England Patriots PreSeason Watch - Quarterbacks - Updated 9/4/2009

MaPatsFan and Marima have both suggested that I update my Pre - Training Camp position battle posts.  Here goes.

The Quarterbacks:

12 Tom Brady QB 6-4 225 8/3/1977 10
5 Kevin O'Connell WAIVED QB 6-5 225 5/25/1985 2
7 Matt Gutierrez WAIVED QB 6-4 230 6/9/1984 3
8 Brian Hoyer QB 6-2 215 10/13/1985 R
16 Andrew Walter CUT QB 6-6 230 5/11/1982 R

Before Training Camp, I was solid on Tom Brady as #1 and Kevin O'Connell as #2.  I believed the positional battle was for the #3 slot.  Then Matt Gutierrez started spending his days in Kansas City, and Andrew Walter became the next participant in the Adopt a Raider program.  Now, I'm only sure of Brady as #1.

Andrew Walter was in a bad situation with the Raiders (not that being with the Raiders in and of itself isn't a bad situation), and he has been given a new opportunity with a functional team.  The questions is, why did we get him?

Is he an upgrade over Matt Gutierrez?  Probably.  Brian Hoyer?  Sure.  Kevin O'Connell? Hmmm....

Now, Kevin O'Connell has to his credit, 1 year in the Pats system.  Some tutelage by Brady, Cassel, and the coaching staff.  A few more reps with the receivers.  Zero starts.  And 6, count 'em 6, NFL pass attempts.

Andrew Walter has 333 pass attempts in 15 games.  While his performance wasn't stellar, it is still genuine NFL reps.  A 5550% increase in pass experience over Kevin.  Some of that was with previous Adopt a Raider participant, Randy Moss, as his receiver.  Since Andrew joined, he is getting more Training Camp reps than Kevin.  Is that just to speed him along, or is that a picture of the future?

As we move into the preseason games, keep note of who plays when, how often, and how well.  Does Andrew come in after Brady and before Kevin?  Does Andrew get 4 series to Kevin's 2?  Does one of them stand out?

At best, I think Brian is the fourth option, and probably a lock for the practice squad.

Your comments are appreciated. 

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

8-30-2009 - The Patriots have waived Kevin O'Connell.  More surprises likely to come.

9-4-2009 - The Patriots have cut Andrew Walter.  Is Edelman our 3rd QB, or is a FA move in the making?

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