New England Patriots PreSeason Watch - Receivers - Updated 9/4/2009

 Time to revisit the position battles:  (Previously Quarterbacks)

The Receivers:

88 Sam Aiken WR 6-2 215 12/14/1980 7
15 Tyree Barnes RES/MIL WR 6-0 196 4/15/1986 R
11 Julian Edelman WR 6-0 198 5/22/1986 R
13 Joey Galloway WR 5-11 197 11/20/1971 15 * Buccaneers
81 Randy Moss WR 6-4 210 2/13/1977 12
10 Terrence Nunn WR 6-0 190 7/25/1986 R
14 Robert Ortiz  WAIVED WR 6-1 188 5/30/1983 2
83 Wes Welker WR 5-9 185 5/1/1981 6
16 Shun White RES/MIL WR 5-8 195 12/9/1985 R
17 Greg Lewis WR 6-0 180 2/12/1980 4 * Eagles
19 Brandon Tate RES/NFI WR 6-0 210 10/5/1987 R
18 Matthew_Slater WR/FS 6-0 198 9/9/1985 R

Note: Matthew Slater was not listed here in the pre-training camp version because he was told that this year he can focus on safety and possibly returning (he's continued to have issues here).  He has, however, taken training camp reps at receiver.  We had 6 Receivers (including Matthew Slater) on the roster last year and Maurice Price on the Practice Squad.

My pre-training camp view was Randy Moss, Wes Welker, Joey Galloway, Greg Lewis, Julian Edelman.  With one of the rookies heading to the Practice Squad.

The update after the jump.

The Pats under Belichick are a forward looking organization, but they always field the best team they can now.  Randy Moss is an absolute freak when it comes to big plays.  I've enjoyed watching him since his days up here in Minnesota.  He's also getting older, heading into his 12th NFL season.  We've got him signed for a couple years, and I think his tires are good for that - and probably a little longer.  This season, of course, he's a lock.

Joey Galloway has done more than push away Father Time, he's kicked him in the groin and taken his lunch money.  At most, we get a year or two out of the 15 year veteran.  The downside to Galloway is the long term - there is none.  I think he helps us this year and that's all.  Where are we three years from now, with all of our burners gone?

Brandon Tate has the potential to be a long term deep threat.  This year, he'll spend the season on Injured Reserve, and hopefully start to learn the offense.  Next year, we'll see if the injury healed and if he has what it takes to play in the NFL.  Another roster slot we don't have to worry about is Tyree Barnes.  He's on the Reserve/Military list, so we'll see him after his military commitment is done.

Name from nowhere, Terrence Nunn, has been lighting up the field with circus catches.  I think we'll see him on the roster this year, and hopefully, he'll take care of some of our deep threat needs down the road.

Wes Welker is Mr. Reliable.  We've got him long term, and we'll use him.  Likewise, we spent some draft picks on Greg Lewis.  We'll keep him through his contract.

Has anyone heard the name Shun White in training camp?  He's still on the roster, but the complete lack of pluses and minuses has me thinking he'll be a training camp casualty or, at best, a Practice Squad guy.

Then of course, there's Julian Everything who doesn't want to be second to Nunn (couldn't resist).  He's a receiver, running back, returner, and quarterback all in one (he slices, dices and makes Julian fries - no more puns, I promise).  He's also got Wes' number on speed dial, and is getting special instruction from Brady.  When Belichick puts the VERSATILE stamp on your file, you tend to stick around.

That leaves Sam Aiken, our Training Camp Special Teams Captain.  Bill values Special Teams more than most coaches, but is that enough for Mr. Aiken to make the cut?  Is Special Teams going to be Matthew Slater's role as well?

The locks at this point are Moss, Welker and Lewis (we don't waste draft picks for nothing).  Heading into the preseason games, take a look at not only catches (or drops), but also the number of reps on the field.  Some guys, like Galloway, may just be there in a decoy capacity.  Look at who is thrown to in third down situations, and who sees the long ball.  Likewise, look at special team performance (wide receivers can fill the returner or gunner positions).  That will help give you an idea of who will be calling Foxboro home this year.

Let's hear who YOU think makes the cut?

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> UPDATE <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

8/17/2009 - Shun White has been placed on the Reserve Military list as he completes his Navy service.

8/25/2009 - Robert Ortiz has been signed again after being waived July 23, 2009.

9/4/2009 - Robert Ortiz has been waived again.

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