Rambling thoughts that are mostly incoherent:

Why does Peyton Manning always sound like he has a half a dozen cat’s eye marbles rolling around in his mouth in every post game press conference?  Does he have dentures or something?


Jim Nantz or Joe Buck?  Joe Buck or Jim Nantz?  Is there an option C?


Why can’t Collinsworth and Michaels just rotate between all the networks and handle all the important games?  Is that too much to ask?



It seems the Colt organization is a little too obsessed with the Patriot organization.  Every quote from Polian and Caldwell lately about loafing in the last two games seems to take veiled jabs at the Pats – that the Colts “never deemed 16-0 that important, like other teams” or “we are not out for retribution or to prove a point.”  Hey Jim, Bill – you guys won doing it your way.  Congrats – enjoy it.  Be classy about it.  Don’t go all weird on us into some inferiority complex about New England.  Outside of football, I think this is called small pen&s …errr small man's syndrome.


Many writers continue to refer to Dustin Keller as an “emerging star.”  After two seasons he averages 46 catches, 550 yards and 2.5 TDs.  Pretty evenly spread over the two years as well.  I would like to submit – that Keller isn’t even the best “emerging star” in his city.  Kevin Boss of the NYG has averaged 38 catches, 540 yards and 5.5 TDs over those same 2 years.  Much better blocker too.  So perhaps sportswriters can say “2nd best emerging star in his city” before writing

Keller’s name from here on out.  Just for me.


Why does CBS always include timeouts as part of their graphics at the top of the screen and Fox doesn’t?  I like it there – gives you a faster grasp of how the game will unfold.  Fox – you spend enough money for a jumping, jiving, dancing Terminator looking football animation figure every Sunday – why not move that cash over to stuff…ya know…that affects the game.


I have promised myself to not get all excited about potential and real draft choices this year until after the first few days of training camps and some real action takes place.  But I know me.  And when I post some link on Easter about some ultra fast Ball St hybrid pass rusher – just ignore it and move along.  Nothing to see there.


Crennel.  Weis.  Mangini.  Dimitroff.  Pioli. McDaniels.  Those hurt.  Dean Pees…don’t let the door hit ya where the good lord split ya. 


I appreciate the reactive way in which the Pats have filled needs and damn they have been good at it.  2006 killed us in the Hoosier Doom because of a lack of wide receivers – ok no problem – we will go get Wes Welker and Randy Moss for 2007.  BenJarvus Green Ellis handling the bulk of your carries in 2008 over a 3 game stretch  – ok lets add Fred Taylor for another layer of protection to absorb injuries in 2009.  But the question I gotta ask is…who is looking proactively to plug these holes in the dyke before they spring a leak?   After awhile if you keep fixing the dyke – don’t you have more patched holes than dyke?  I think this person’s title should be “Director of Proactively Searching for Problems”  - or perhaps something a bit more polished but you get the idea.


Hate to say it but Manning played much better than Tom Terrific this year and in my opinion has edged back ahead in the career comparison.  Tom – if you don’t have the stats – you gotta keep killing em with the Wins and the Bowls.   You slipped a little – but I know you’ll be back.


Can we get a legit receiver opposite Moss?  Not spare parts, or glued up old stars, or possible maturing players – can we can an honest to goodness fast good hands receiver – like Collie, Garcon, Sydney Rice, Meachem, Henderson, et al. 


Thinking the Pats need to hit on 3 of the 4 Top 2 round picks this year.  And by hit I mean – those folks come in and play and factor – right away.  That will cure what ails us.


Not really looking forward to the incessant Archie Manning stories over the next two weeks – but not sure I can avoid them.  Oh and Cooper – can’t forget about Cooper.  Even though he is a schmoe like the rest of us and probably sells insurance – don’t forget about Cooper.  God, its’ going to be a long cold winter.


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