New England Patriots Links 1/07/10 - Wilfork: I'll do everything in my power to be out there

Bill Belichick smiles at reporters and elaborates on questions at yesterday's Press Conference.

Vince Wilfork shared that he'll do everything in his power to be out there on Sunday.

"There's being smart and being stupid, and the one thing I didn't want to be is stupid," said Wilfork. "With the training staff and coaches, we made those decisions -- that it wasn't best for the team [for Wilfork to play]. Sometimes I don't like those decisions, I love to play, but like I said, you have to be smart about some things -- and that's one of them."

"It's going to be a tough one, a real physical game. Trust me," said Wilfork. "They're playing with high energy, we can see that in their game. They've got a big offensive line that's been mauling people. We know we're going to get their best."

Bill Belichick on the absence of Wilfork and Warren for much of the last three games. 

Well, it certainly gave other players more playing time. And so I think in a way, that's valuable. Anytime you are out there on the field and you're taking plays, you should be learning from it and gaining experience from it. Those were opportunities for other players to do that and - some cases - maybe [there was] some movement in positions. I don't think we really played anybody in a position that they hadn't played earlier in the year, but maybe a few more snaps there. Ron [Brace], Myron [Pryor], Mike [Wright], Jarvis [Green], Derrick [Burgess] - those guys that have played basically on the defensive line the last couple weeks certainly have gotten a good workload, and I think in the long run that will benefit them.

Tom Brady on what he meant when he said the Patriots had a good practice Wednesday.

I think a lot of just good execution - guys in the right spot doing the right thing. Wednesday, you put together the plan and [there's] a lot of new stuff out there, so you walk through it once. But then you get on the field and it's full speed and you're going against a defense and guys have to make the right adjustments and pick up the right blitz. Ultimately, we complete passes. Guys are in the right spot, making the right reads. It's encouraging when you have a good day because it just builds confidence for the next day. And rather than going out ... We always meet on Fridays as captains with Coach Belichick and we talk about practice. And it's not good when you're sitting there and Friday and it's like, 'Man, I don't really feel good about what we've done the last two days,' as opposed to 'we had a really great week of practice.' Now, ultimately, it comes down to what happens [and] how you play on Sunday. But like I said, it gives you a lot of confidence when you go out there and execute pretty well.





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