New England Patriots Links 1/08/10 - C'mon Patriots, Win One for the Welker!

Mike Reiss points out the consistency of Randy Moss on the Patriots offense.

For all the hubbub surrounding him at times, Moss was one of the constants for the offense. He played in every game and was part of every package, except for some single-receiver sets that were designed running plays. After running a long route, he would sometimes come off for one play, before returning. Bill Belichick has mentioned Moss’s consistency over time, and the playtime numbers once again reflect that. Contrary to what might be public perception, Moss has been about as steady, durable and consistent as the coaches could hope for over the last three seasons.

On the play of the rest of the Patriots offensive skill positions:

With Galloway not working out as the No. 3 receiver, it led to a big jump in playtime for Aiken. The No. 3 receiver spot seemed to have the offense handcuffed at times this season. … Welker’s numbers would be higher had he not missed two games early in the season, as he was part of two- three- and four-receiver packages.

Once again, Faulk led all running backs in playing time, a reflection of how often the Patriots are in passing sets and how valuable Faulk is in that package. … This was Maroney’s most consistent season in terms of playing time as he avoided the injury bug.

Although not often targeted in the passing game, the playtime of the tight ends Watson and Baker was consistent. This was Watson’s first season playing all 16 games. After playing late in the final preseason game, when it looked like his roster spot might be in jeopardy, Watson became one of the constants in offensive packages this season, utilized over Baker the majority of times in the base three-receiver set. 

Hoyer appeared in five games at quarterback and the early signs, albeit with a small 60-snap sample, are encouraging for the Patriots. It looks like he is a find as a No. 2 quarterback. He appears further along than a draft pick like the ColtsCurtis Painter and it seems fair to ask the question "How wasn’t he drafted?"

Rodney Harrison offers his opinion on Pats-Ravens:

"Bill Belichick will never let you see that he has a weakness or that he’s vulnerable at any moment of time. In this particular situation this is going to give these guys motivation because no one is giving them a chance. Wes Welker was a huge part of that team. He was a guy, close to 60 percent of his catches had gone for first downs. You look at the impact that he made in the red area, so he’s going to be sorely missed. At the same time, Brady hasn’t lost a playoff game at home and has been very, very productive in the playoffs. Look for Tom to have added motivation with the loss of Wes Welker."





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