Week 5 SBN AFCE FF: "Team" has come back in style

I am stoked to watch Patriots football for at least the next 12 weeks. Moss man c-ya, Branch "not the answer, just a piece of the puzzle"grew a new leaf . Did someone open a window?That is some fresh air. I look forward to some clock controlling drives on offence. No more 3 and out , 30 sec burned off the clock. Let BB work on the sidelines with the Defence. Make the half time adjustments and come out strong.This type of offence it will let the defence rest more and learn more on the sidelines with Bill. This could end up being a great season.

Week 5 Summery

Going into the Monday night game I was up by 47. I felt the game wasstill in doubt with him having Keller TE NYJ, Allen DE Min and Harris LB NYJ going and I just had Moss and Greenway LB Min. If Moss had a game like last MondayNight, I could totally see him getting like 0, -2 points. Keller has been a killer this season with his multipul TD catches in games this season. Allen is one of the best DE in the league and could have done a 4-6 sack night. Alas it wasn't Keller's night and the Moss man did show up. In the end it's one more win for the good guys and one more loss to another AFCEFan. To recap 4 wins - 1 loss to a Pats fan. I have scored 712 points this season and lead the league by 30 points. I currently hold the #5 spot since the top teams from the 4 divisions get 1-4. My only loss came from my division so I am 2nd in the division hence 5th overall.

This week I picked up some Pats that may or may not help me in the near future. I choose to include the Lawfirm BJGE, Gforce and Deion Branch for a bunch of players that I picked up for the bye week. I let Carney go the day before his release and picked up Jeff Reed from Pit. I would recommend that if you need help at WR look for the person that has Heins Ward from Pit. He's going to go ballistic, mark my words. Him and Amendola from St. Louis. the latter you could pick up on the waver wire.

The only position battle I have is do I start Brady against one of the leagues best Defences and him having new players to throw to? Do I start McNabb who is playing against Indys porous defence, however McNabb has this habit of having a good game followed by a bad one. Last week 357 1td 1int, this week could be the same or it could be 200 yds 2ints. I am leaning towards TFB, but am not 100% sure if that's the right thing to do.

The Breakdown

Score Summary

TeamPoint Total
Springfield Sioux 155.50
chrebetsthebet 96.00

Springfield Sioux 4-1-0

chrebetsthebet 2-3-0

Darrelle Revis 2010 DPOY!

Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Donovan McNabb (Was - QB) New player notes GB W, 16-13 12.87 18.00
WR Mario Manningham (NYG - WR) Player notes @Hou W, 34-10 8.80 0.00
WR Miles Austin (Dal - WR) Player notes Ten L, 34-27 13.21 27.50
WR Randy Moss (Min - WR) New player notes @NYJ L, 29-20 7.02 16.00
RB Matt Forte (Chi - RB) New player notes @Car W, 23-6 9.47 31.00
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) New player notes @Hou W, 34-10 12.77 9.50
TE Chris Cooley (Was - TE) New player notes GB W, 16-13 8.49 9.50
K John Carney (NO - K) NA New player notes @Ari L, 30-20 9.49 8.00
DEF Buffalo (Buf - DEF) No new player Notes Jac L, 36-26 9.30 4.00
D Jonathan Vilma (NO - LB) Player notes @Ari L, 30-20 9.88 8.00
D Lance Briggs (Chi - LB) Player notes @Car W, 23-6 7.33 7.00
D Chad Greenway (Min - LB) No new player Notes @NYJ L, 29-20 9.02 9.50
D Brian Cushing (Hou - LB) Player notes NYG L, 34-10 9.51 7.50
Total       127.16 155.50
Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Matt Ryan (Atl - QB) New player notes @Cle W, 20-10 13.36 9.00
WR Andre Johnson (Hou - WR) New player notes NYG L, 34-10 14.35 12.50
WR Mike Sims-Walker (Jac - WR) New player notes @Buf W, 36-26 5.26 12.00
WR Devin Hester (Chi - WR) New player notes @Car W, 23-6 6.11 2.00
RB Joseph Addai (Ind - RB) New player notes KC W, 19-9 11.80 10.50
RB Kenneth Darby (StL - RB) Player notes @Det L, 44-6 1.49 1.50
TE Dustin Keller (NYJ - TE) Player notes Min W, 29-20 8.62 2.00
K Sebastian Janikowski (Oak - K) Player notes SD W, 35-27 6.78 11.00
DEF Indianapolis (Ind - DEF) No new player Notes KC W, 19-9 9.54 7.00
D Patrick Willis (SF - LB) No new player Notes Phi L, 27-24 11.15 7.50
D Jared Allen (Min - DE) No new player Notes @NYJ L, 29-20 6.10 5.00
D Bernard Pollard (Hou - S) Player notes NYG L, 34-10 8.96 10.00
D David Harris (NYJ - LB) No new player Notes Min W, 29-20 7.51 6.00
Total       111.03 96.00

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