So first off, that ticket was the best $90 I've ever spent. That game was an absolute thriller, and the kind of gut-check clutch win we haven't seen the likes of since '06.

I went to the game with a couple of my buddies who're Ravens fans, which made the game all the more tense for all of us. The game long smack talking and anxiousness in the closing minutes was to die for.


My thoughts:




  • The inside 'triangle' of Mayo, Spikes, and Big Vince - Holding Ray Rice to 88 yards on 28 carries (with a long of only 8!?) is HUGE. Ray Ray is a threat to hit a home run every time he touches it, so keeping him in check was why the Ravens couldn't pull away and allowed the Pats to come back.
  • Deion Branch - Talk about a homecoming? The standing ovation he got on his first catch was a great moment, but nostalgia took a back seat to an incredible clutch performance from the former superbowl MVP. 7 catches in the 4th quarter and overtime is unreal. Randy who? (Ok maybe not yet)
  • BO'B - Dare I say, the playcalling seemed great today. Using Tate and Herno in the running game? Screens? Excellent use of Woodhead and big plays to all three tight ends. The offense was off because of a number of dropped balls and penalties, but I really liked the playcalling.

* Honorable mentions - Danny Woodhead, Zoltan Mesko, Devin McCourty,  the 12th man (The crowd got LOUD today)


  • Kyle Arrington - Seemed outmatched all day. He's a special teams DEMON and looks to be a solid backup corner, better then Whilhite I'd say, but he's not able to match up against quality starting NFL WRs. The sooner Butler or Wheatley can step up into their potential, the better.
  • Brandon Merriweather - Had some good plays to be fair, but needs to learn to stop making the stupid mistakes he's prone too. Personal fouls are just a no-no.
  • The O-line - Penalties seemed to come at the worst times, as did the sacks. Come on guys.
* Honorable mention - The hands of everyone catching the ball not named Danny Woodhead.

So where does this team go from here? The sky seems to be the limit, really. 11+ wins seems pretty realistic right now, and if the second half play continues to be at the level it was today, we could be in store for a FUN year. Love watching these kids grow up, it's only going to get better.

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