Week 7 Power Rankings

SB Nation ranks them 2nd (+1)The Patriots avenged their 2009 playoff loss to the Ravens with a victory last Sunday. As usual, this team looks very tough to beat.

NFL FanHouse ranks them 3rd (+1)So that 2011 first-round pick the Patriots acquired from Oakland in exchange for Richard Seymour? Imagine if New England uses it to take Heisman Trophy winner Mark Ingram. A dominant RB is a definite missing piece for the Pats right now.

The Sporting News ranks them 3rd (+1)They adjust to personnel changes better than any other team. It still doesn't matter to whom Tom Brady is throwing.

National Football Post ranks them 3rd (+1)Randy Moss? The Patriots look like a more complete team without him.

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 3rd (+1)The "Old School" Patriots started 12 players Sunday that had never been regular starters in the NFL before this season. That’s usually top-five-pick-in-the-draft stuff, not beat-the-Ravens stuff.

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 3rd (+2)Branch matched Moss' four-game catch total.

Fox Sports ranks them 3rd (+8):  The one noticeable thing missing from New England's offense with Randy Moss out of the picture is the deep passing game. Tom Brady seemed to have plenty of time to throw the ball against the Ravens, but he couldn't find anyone consistently open down field. At some point, WR Brandon Tate is going to have to get more involved, but Deion Branch already is starting to prove his worth.

WEEI ranks them 3rd (+3)The Patriots defense was very impressive down the stretch in the fourth quarter and overtime. New England’s D was able to stop the Ravens on their final five drives. Bill Belichick said it was the best game his outside linebackers have played all year. Their win over the Ravens should definitely be a confidence booster going forward.

CBS Sports ranks them 3rd (+2)They are a quiet 4-1, kind of flying under the radar. As long as Tom Brady is slinging it, they will be fine.

ESPN ranks them 3rd (+3)Deion Branch looks as though he never left Tom Brady. It's a dangerous combo. ranks them 3rd (+3)

Don Banks ranks them 3rd (+2):  I think what T.J. Houshmandzadeh and Deion Branch have taught us this year is this: If you're a big-time free-agent receiver, stay out of Seattle. Don't sign with the Seahawks. Their money might be greener, but the grass isn't. (And besides, their lawns are wet a lot of the time, because, you know, it rains pretty frequently).

Peter King ranks them 4th (+3)This is the team getting jobbed at the top after the best win a team had all day Sunday. The reason I've got New England fourth instead of second is because of how I've always tried to do these rankings: If New England played Baltimore on a neutral field in Wichita tomorrow, I like the Ravens. Same with the Jets. For now.

USA Today ranks them 4th (+3)Tom Brady has won 23 straight regular-season home starts.

Yahoo! Sports ranks them 4th (+1):  Am I the only one who thinks it’s unduly harsh that the NFL just docked Brandon Meriweather roughly 9 percent of his 2010 base salary?.

What If Sports ranks them 11th (+3)



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