Going into Monday night football I had a 2 point lead. I was worried that his players Tony Romoand Steve Smith would make up that small margin of error. I had Miles Austin and Ahmad Bradshaw going for my team, so I knew I had a fighting chance on beating the best team in the league.

The game came and went. Romo going down was good but not enough to out weigh Steve Smith's production. If Austin doesn't drop the TD in the 1st quarter then it could have been different. If Bradshaw didn't fumble the ball 2 times it would have been really close.

Ifs and buts were candy and nuts then everyday would be Christmas- Slammin Salmon.

Miles didn't catch that ball and Bradshaw couldn't find the Handel. Hence the loss 116-110. So very close, but no cigar. As much as I hate losing, I really hate non competitive games. I gave the best team in the league a run for the money so I feel that I am not far off.

The Pats game was one I'll always remember. In the end I was with Bill. I felt that even if SD stopped the Pats 4th down conversion. SD would find a way to lose. 45 yard Field goal, oops 50 yard FG from a Kicker that hasn't kicked in a game in a couple months. Yeah it hit the cross bar but it hooked into it. It was wide right from the get. Don't get me wrong in the last 5 min of the game my blood pressure went through the roof and I lost quite a bit of my fingernails. I'll never forget that 1st quarter with those turnovers. Never seen that many bonehead plays in such a short time in a game. Probably never see it again, I hope.

The Moss man cometh. The old gunslinger returns. It all adds up to a huge blowout. I would think that the Pats will not only beat them but make an example of them. Expect vintage Tom and Branch. I am seeing a 45-17 game with it being well in hand by halftime. I may be completely wrong, and there's that whole Halloween thingy. Lets see whom goes bump in the night and who goes running to there parents room. Make room Chilly, there coming and there scared.

the summery

Score Summary

TeamPoint Total
   Springfield Sioux 110.00
   Spiller the Thriller 116.00

Springfield Sioux 4-3-0

Spiller the Thriller 6-1-0

Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Tom Brady (NE - QB) New player notes @SD W, 23-20 13.49 10.00
WR Miles Austin (Dal - WR) New player notes NYG L, 41-35 12.74 4.50
WR Randy Moss (Min - WR) Player notes @GB L, 28-24 11.06 11.50
WR Deion Branch (NE - WR) Player notes @SD W, 23-20 9.39 5.00
RB Matt Forte (Chi - RB) New player notes Was L, 17-14 12.09 7.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) New player notes @Dal W, 41-35 9.58 13.00
TE Chris Cooley (Was - TE) New player notes @Chi W, 17-14 6.20 8.50
K Jeff Reed (Pit - K) Player notes @Mia W, 23-22 7.12 11.00
DEF New England (NE - DEF) No new player Notes @SD W, 23-20 8.13 11.00
D Jonathan Vilma (NO - LB) No new player Notes Cle L, 30-17 7.45 2.50
D Chad Greenway (Min - LB) Player notes @GB L, 28-24 10.46 13.00
D Jerod Mayo (NE - LB) New player notes @SD W, 23-20 10.61 12.50
D Lance Briggs (Chi - LB) New player notes Was L, 17-14 7.17 0.00
Total       125.49 110.00
Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Tony Romo (Dal - QB) Player notes NYG L, 41-35 16.54 5.00
WR Brandon Lloyd (Den - WR) Player notes Oak L, 59-14 10.55 4.50
WR Steve Smith (NYG - WR) Player notes @Dal W, 41-35 10.13 20.50
WR Danny Woodhead (NE - WR,RB) Player notes @SD W, 23-20 9.02 6.50
RB Chris Johnson (Ten - RB) New player notes Phi W, 37-19 23.26 7.00
RB Peyton Hillis (Cle - RB) Player notes @NO W, 30-17 15.34 12.50
TE Benjamin Watson (Cle - TE) Player notes @NO W, 30-17 7.00 1.50
K Robbie Gould (Chi - K) Player notes Was L, 17-14 8.45 2.00
DEF Chicago (Chi - DEF) No new player Notes Was L, 17-14 9.35 18.00
D Ray Lewis (Bal - LB) Player notes Buf W, 37-34 9.34 21.50
D Lawrence Timmons (Pit - LB) New player notes @Mia W, 23-22 7.31 5.00
D Yeremiah Bell (Mia - S) Player notes Pit L, 23-22 11.65 8.00
D Jon Beason (Car - LB) Player notes SF W, 23-20 10.72 4.00
Total       148.66 116.00

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