10 Observations That May Only Interest Me


1.       Glad to repay back the favor when it comes to breaking streaks.  I don’t like to see anyone get hurt but nice of the Patriots to return the favor and snap Hines Ward’s streak of 186 games with one reception, especially when they broke the Patriots winning streak at 21.

2.       Gostkowski has missed only on XPAT in almost five years and it takes Shayne Graham just over three quarters in his Patriot start to miss his. Shayne does not seem to have the strongest and most accurate leg which at some point, will cost this team. There has to be a better option out there.

3.       Good to see the Patriots Defense blitz and put the pressure on Big Ben to make quicker decisions.  I would rather die a quick death by living with the blitz than a slow torture when our DB’s are 15 yards back in coverage.

4.       DeSean Jackson has to find a better description to find when comparing his team’s effort against the Redskins to that of  “caged pit-bulls”.  I am sure the PR reps for the Eagles could not of been to happy. 

5.       Good to see Matt Cassel grow at his position.  I know they are probably asking him to manage football games up there with the type of running game they have led by Charles and Jones, but a 16-4 TD to interception ratio is very good.

6.       Do we need to know the severity of Brett Favre’s injury every single weekend and the possibility of him not playing?  There are plenty of players out there playing hurt and don’t go running to the media.  Brady hurts his foot and you hear nothing, Favre hurts his shoulder and he is having a press conference that he might go to Dr. James Andrews.  Enough of the drama please.

7.       The Jet’s don’t seem to win by much or lose by much; they do just enough to win the game.  I would like to see a dominating performance on both sides of the ball or a more complete game before I pronounce them the best. 

8.       From 1944 to 1948 there was a football team called the Boston Yanks. For any Red Sox lovers out there, that's as good a autoantonym if I ever saw it.

9.      If the Patriots remind Terrell Suggs of the Cheerleaders in the movie “Bring It On”, is it safe to call the Ravens after the movie “The Crying Game”.

10.  If I hear another report about Brady’s hair I am going to shoot myself.  It’s like Brady is the first player ever in the NFL with long hair.  Bottom line guys, if Gisele asks you to grow your hair long, you grow it long.

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