TFB, lead me to victory!!!!

With a great team effort my team went on to win this past week to snap my 4 game losing streak. Contributions from all positions on the team made this a little easier then the past weeks.  Gforce had a great game at 32 points. Unfortunately it was all for not as he rode the bench. Beating one of the better teams in the league felt good all over. On top of that it was a Bills fan. Double pleasure, it would be double fun, but I understand the Bills fan plight and I try to not make fun or light of that situation. I still remember the 80ies-90ies.

This week I plan to unleash the Pats onto my team. With how porous the Colts defense has been and with how many backups on both sides for the Indy, I feel this is the time and place. Brady, Branch, BJGE, Gronk, Graham, Pats D and Mayo all playing. My kicker for the past month was cut by there team this past Monday, so I picked up Graham. I have had Graham on one of my FF teams since before Cinny was any good and Palmer was a rookie.

I won't do this for real games, but I am stoked about the matchup this week. I will win! Just call it a hunch and I will get into the details about that next week. So far so good though.

Below as always you get the details of the win. This Sunday however we get to see the Pats thrash the Colts, with a little appetizer of the Celtics at 1pm. I will be watching and I will be cheering. I probably wont leave my living room for at least 8 hours. Can I get a SWEET

Score Summary

TeamPoint Total
Springfield Sioux 139.00
gfbillsfan 123.50

Springfield Sioux 5-5-0

gfbillsfan 7-3-0

Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Tom Brady (NE - QB) New player notes @Pit W, 39-26 14.44 32.00
WR Miles Austin (Dal - WR) Player notes @NYG W, 33-20 8.19 13.00
WR Mario Manningham (NYG - WR) Player notes Dal L, 33-20 12.49 20.00
WR Randy Moss (Ten - WR) New player notes @Mia L, 29-17 6.79 2.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) Player notes Dal L, 33-20 16.48 16.00
RB Thomas Jones (KC - RB) Player notes @Den L, 49-29 9.30 1.50
TE Chris Cooley (Was - TE) Player notes Phi L, 59-28 6.96 3.50
K Jeff Reed (Pit - K) NA New player notes NE L, 39-26 7.95 4.00
DEF New England (NE - DEF) No new player Notes @Pit W, 39-26 10.06 13.00
D Chad Greenway (Min - LB) No new player Notes @Chi L, 27-13 10.02 9.00
D Jerod Mayo (NE - LB) Player notes @Pit W, 39-26 10.94 6.50
D Brian Cushing (Hou - LB) Player notes @Jac L, 31-24 11.34 9.00
D Lance Briggs (Chi - LB) New player notes Min W, 27-13 7.27 9.00
Total       132.23 139.00
Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Brett Favre (Min - QB) New player notes @Chi L, 27-13 8.88 5.00
WR Hines Ward (Pit - WR) New player notes NE L, 39-26 13.10 0.00
WR Roddy White (Atl - WR) Player notes Bal W, 26-21 14.74 31.00
WR Steve Johnson (Buf - WR) Player notes Det W, 14-12 10.50 4.50
RB Jahvid Best (Det - RB) Player notes @Buf L, 14-12 13.22 5.00
RB Maurice Jones-Drew (Jac - RB) Player notes Hou W, 31-24 18.35 25.00
TE Visanthe Shiancoe (Min - TE) Player notes @Chi L, 27-13 6.86 5.00
K David Akers (Phi - K) No new player Notes @Was W, 59-28 9.97 12.50
DEF Minnesota (Min - DEF) No new player Notes @Chi L, 27-13 9.83 6.00
D Jon Beason (Car - LB) New player notes @TB L, 31-16 11.57 6.00
D London Fletcher (Was - LB) No new player Notes Phi L, 59-28 8.55 11.00
D Eric Berry (KC - S) Player notes @Den L, 49-29 7.31 5.00
D James Harrison (Pit - LB) Player notes NE L, 39-26 7.72 7.50
Total       140.60 123.50

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