New England Patriots Links 11/26/10 - Patriots Explode From Trap In Second Half To Decimate Lions

Another game, another 2 interceptions for Devin McCourty, the "7-year veteran" rookie.

Bill Belichick makes his post-game comments following the Patriots win in Detroit.

"Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It was a good atmosphere there in the locker room. I really appreciate what these guys have done so far this year. To be where we're at has taken a lot of hard work. It hasn't always been perfect. It hasn't even been good, but it is what it is.

We've got a good opportunity here ahead of us, so we're going to relax here - kick back for a couple days, try to take this opportunity to rest and spend a little time with our families and be ready to roll here next week with the Jets. As far as today goes, it was a real good effort in the second half. We outscored them 35-7 in the second half. A lot of things have to go right. Certainly our offense did a real good of making big plays, getting the ball in the endzone, taking advantage of a couple turnover opportunities that we had. That was a big play by Devin (McCourty) there that kind of really swung the game a little bit, with giving us the field position and putting us back where we could be on the even-par with Detroit instead of chasing them all the time like we were in the first half.

In the end, it was just a lot of guys stepping up and making plays. They're a good offensive team and they played well today. I think Jim has done a good job with this team. They're much improved from where they were the last time we saw them. They're very competitive, very good offensively. There's a lot things we need to work on obviously, but we'll just enjoy it here for a couple days and then start grinding it out for the Jets."

Tom Brady offers his post-game remarks to the press on how they flipped the switch at halftime.

"We showed some resiliency. I think coming out in the second half and playing the way we did - the crowd was really into it. I think Devin's interception was a huge play in the game. We executed much better in the second half, so great for everybody."

"I think once the speed of the game calmed down a little bit and we could get it under control, we did a great job. That's a hell of a pass rushing team.(with) Vanden Bosch, Avril, Suh on the inside and Corey Williams."





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