Pats/Jets Lets Get It Started

1. I believe that the Patriots will come out with a similar game plan that they used in Pittsburgh. They will continue to use the run to keep the defense honest, but in the end, it will be the arm of Brady that is going to have to win this game. The Jets passing defense is not as good as last year and can be thrown upon without hesitation.

2. The Pats offensive line held Blitzkrieg in check, contained Freeney and Mathis to only one sack, and after a first half adjustment against Detroit, made Suh and company seem like they were moving in mud. If the Pats line continues to excel from game to game, I don’t care what Rex Ryan throws at the Pats, Brady will have plenty of time to throw the ball.

3. It will be interesting to see who mans up against Branch and Welker. Both pose a different dimension than the man Revis called a slouch. With such agility and great route running, I believe that both Branch and Welker will find open space against Revis and Cromartie.

4. Nick Folk is 6 for 10 in field goal attempts his last three games. With the game possibly on the line or if in a crucial spot, will Rex Ryan gamble with his offense instead of relying on Folk’s leg?

5. If the Pats continue to play smart and mistake free football as they have, you can count on 26 victories at home in a row. 199 passes and counting for Brady without throwing an interception means that he is seeing the entire field and making great decisions.

6. Kyle Orton, Matt Stafford/Drew Stanton, Colt McCoy, Matt Schaub, and Carson Palmer have been the Jets QB competition lately versus Philip Rivers, Peyton Manning, Colt McCoy, Big Ben, and Shaun Hill for the Pats.  The Patriots Defense has been tested the last couple weeks by big name QB’s and has grown to make the big play. Can they versus Mark Sanchez who has had a fantastic year but has looked pedestrian the last game?

7. Jets fans can take solace that they beat the Pats in week 2, but this is a different team that had a meltdown in the second half. The defense is starting to gel and is creating turnovers lead by McCourty and Chung, Logan Mankins is back adding more toughness to the offensive line, the once predictable offensive play calling that included Randy Moss is gone and has thrived with an old flame named Deion Branch and two outstanding rookie tight ends.

8. Dustin Keller is no longer Mark Sanchez’s favorite target that belongs to Mr. Holmes. Over the last three weeks, Santanio Holmes has been explosive, who will provide a better match up?  McCourty or Arrington, only time will tell.

9. With 10 days to prepare edge goes to Belichick, he will find their weakness and exploit it.

10. 3rd down will be key, containing LT coming out of the backfield where Sanchez loves to check down.  Limit the missed tackles on him and get off the field.

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