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1.       What are the chances that DeSean Jackson will go over the middle anytime soon?  Will he be able to bounce back like Anquan Boldin did in 2008 after getting his head removed by Eric Smith?  Boldin responded by catching 9 passes for 63 yards and 2 TD’s, only time will tell.

2.       From 2003-till now, Reggie Wayne has not missed one football game.  So let’s stop how great Peyton Manning is and how he continues to amaze while throwing to no names.  As long as Wayne is lined up to one side, he demands a safety over the top.  Go check out Phillip Rivers this year without Vincent Jackson and the All-Star cast he has been throwing to besides Gates.

3.       2008 had one hell of a Running Back class:  Darren McFadden, Johnathan Stewart, Felix Jones, Rashard Mendenhall, Chris Johnson, Matt Forte, Ray Rice, Jamaal Charles, Tim Hightower, and Peyton Hillis.  Can’t think of a better year that had this much talent.

4.       For as much hype as LT has received for finding the fountain of youth in New York, the Jets were just as good last year if not better with Thomas Jones carrying the rock at this point of the year: 122 attempts for 602 yards and 7 touchdowns compared to LT’s 108 carries for 544 yards and 5 touchdowns.   Sounds like a marketing move by the Jets to sell more PSL’s to me.

5.       There is a lot of possible Super Bowl talk on the TV now that Randy Moss has landed with the Titans.  But can anyone tell me how this team does not compare with the Vikings?  Both have strong armed QB’s in Favre and Young/Collins, premier running backs with Johnson and Peterson, and at times a defense that can make you one dimensional.  If the Vikings could not excel with Randy while having impact players such as Harvin, Schiancoe, and Peterson next to him, why now would the Titans who have similar and possibly less talent jump to the Super Bowl?

6.       When Shawn Merriman was last seen doing his “Lights Out Dance”, was he talking about his own career?

7.       It is talked a lot about how a elite receiver draws double coverage and opens up the entire field.  We have seen this happen since Randy Moss arrived.  But can someone explain what is going on in San Diego and Denver that debunks this myth.  Obviously there receivers can never be mistaken for Jerry Rice and Cris Carter yet here they are ranked 1 and 2 in passing offense.

8.       Have to give Tom Cable all the credit in the world for turning this Raiders team around.  At this point they are ranked number 2 in total offense and number 1 in rushing offense behind an offensive line I am sure nobody can name. 

9.       Josh McDaniels has done a hell of a job with Kyle Orton and fitting him into a system that has made him very productive.  Unfortunaltly, after starting 6-0 last year, Josh’s record is 4-14 leading up to this point.  Not sure how much longer he can survive if this keeps up.

10.   Who would of guessed that the other New York team not run by Rex Ryan would lead the league in defense against the pass: Giants are ranked number 1, Jets are ranked number 15.

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