New England Patriots Links 12/15/10 - Packers Week; Tom Brady In No Rush To Meet Clay Matthews

Do Julian Edelman, Brandon Tate, Darius Butler and Rob Gronkowski equal one Clay Matthews?

Bill Belichick talks up the impressive Green Bay Packers.

It's been the last day and half or so here on Green Bay and it's a pretty impressive looking team. They can really move the ball. [Aaron] Rodgers is having a terrific year. [He's] very athletic, can run it, can throw it. He's got a great set of receivers [and] tight ends. They have a very good offensive system with Coach [Mike] McCarthy there. They really use a lot of different personnel groups, a lot of different formations. It's very hard to prepare for.

Defensively, [with] Dom [Capers], they've been playing very well. They can rush the passer. They have excellent coverage players, real good corners. They have a nice mix of pressure and coverage. Again, they mix it up on you enough where you have a lot of things to defend. But, they have a lot of good players and they can pretty much play whatever they want to play. It looks good: third down, red area, man-to-man, zone, [and] blitz zone. They haven't given up a lot of points and they make you really work for whatever you get. They've got a number of disruptive players on the whole unit.

[They're] a good football team. They're another challenge for us, different from what we've seen in previous weeks. [They're] a very talented team that's well coached, disciplined, very sound fundamentally and we'll have to really have a good week of preparation here so we can get ready for them this weekend.

DB Coach Josh Boyer tells us how Darius Butler has rebounded from the benching and what particularly he has gotten better at.

He's been very consistent in the way he's approached the game. He's approached it each week like he was going to approach every snap. The other thing with Darius is the technique that we've asked him to work on, he's improved on that. There is still a ways to go as with all of our guys in the back end. We're always trying to improve. He's been very consistent on his approach. He has stepped in the last couple weeks and he's made some plays for us. He had a breakup in the Jets game for us. He had a breakup in the Chicago game for us. He's been able to make some plays for us and we feel good about his progress and where he's going. The guys that you see on the field, those are the guys that we have confidence in. I give a lot of credit to Darius for his approach week in and week out.





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