Week 15 Power Rankings ranks them 1st

Don Banks ranks them 1st:  Not only did the Patriots just run through a pretty difficult five-game game gauntlet with remarkable precision and production, but also they seemingly only play in nationally televised games these days: The Sunday night win in Pittsburgh, the Thanksgiving Day opener in Detroit, the Monday-night showdown with the Jets, and now this week, another Sunday nighter at home against Green Bay. And that's not even including their high-profile wins over the Colts and Bears, which were shown to most of the country in the late Sunday afternoon time slot. The Pats have definitely proved ready for their close-up.

SB Nation ranks them 1st:  Well, they're in the playoffs. The Patriots are playing like the 2007 Patriots. This team is on another planet right now.

NFL FanHouse ranks them 1st:  In the last two weeks, the Patriots have made quick work of two nine-win teams (the Jets and Bears), winning by a combined score of 81-10. They're the clear Super Bowl favorite, and Tom Brady (3,767 yards, 31 TDs, 4 INTs) is playing as well as he ever has. No team wants to see the Pats in January.

WEEI ranks them 1stThe Patriots have wins against almost every team in playoff contention in the AFC. The Ravens, Chargers, Steelers, Colts, and Jets have all tasted defeat at the hands of Tom Brady and the Pats. In the last two weeks, against nine-win teams, the Patriots have outscored their opponent 81-10. Bill Belichick’s team also has not turned the ball over in five straight games. If the above doesn’t sound like a Super Bowl caliber team, I don’t know what does.

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 1st:  Hard to believe this team lost to the Browns five weeks ago.

National Football Post ranks them 1st:  Brady reminded us—again—why he is going to walk away with the MVP trophy after throwing for 369-yards in the snow at Chicago.

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 1st:  The Patriots have played three bad games this year – their two losses, to Cleveland and the Jets, and their weird win over San Diego. The common denominator? They were the only games where New England’s offense was held under 100 yards rushing.

Yahoo! Sports ranks them 1st:  Remember when Matt Cassel had a few good games in 2008 and people were suggesting they keep him and trade Tom Brady (and if you were one of those people, how silly do you feel now)?

The Sporting News ranks them 1st:  Now that they have the league's best record and top scoring offense, they're looking to rewrite Super Bowl 42.

Pro Football Talk ranks them 1stThe 2010 Pats are looking like more and more like the lovechild of the 2007 Pats and the 1999 Rams.

Fox Sports ranks them 1st:  I never really bought into the belief that the Patriots would have a letdown last week against the host Bears because it was a non-conference game. The Patriots had everything to play for coming into that game. And their young secondary continues to improve. If that continues to be the trend, they should make it to the Super Bowl.

Peter King ranks them 1st:  In the past 29 days, the Pats have won at Pittsburgh, Chicago and Detroit, and beaten Indianapolis and the Jets at home. I'd say that's satisfactory to name them the best team in football. That plus the fact they've beaten two nine-win teams in the past week by a combined 81 points. Whoa.

ESPN ranks them 1st:  Pats fans should start to book flights to Dallas. This appears to be a Super Bowl team.

USA Today ranks them 1st:  They've outscored past two opponents 81-10.

CBS Sports ranks them 2ndHow good have they looked the past two weeks blowing out two good teams? That defense is getting better by the week, which will key their Super run.


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