New England Patriots Links 12/27/10 - Buffalo Beatdown Puts Pats On Top Of AFC

Bill Belichick offers some post-game comments following the Patriots win in Buffalo.

"I thought our guys did a good job here today. Certainly ball possession and turnovers were a huge factor in the game - our guys did a pretty easy job taking care of it and fortunately our guys were able to get a few on the other end and capitalize on those. It was a tough week - I really have a lot of respect for our players. We've got a couple guys with the flu and the injuries coming off the Green Bay game, we had a tough time practicing this week. But they did a good job and fought through it."

"It's nice to be in the position we're in - hopefully we can continue to improve and keep getting better on things that we can do a better job on. We'll be ready for Miami next week and whatever comes after that."

Vince Wilfork on how great of an accomplishment it is to have home field given the changes this season:

You know what? That means a lot to us. To be able to come out and just silence the critics. A lot of people doubted us, some people still might. At the same time, all year we knew what we had in this locker room. The guys did a really good job all year of just staying focused and not even paying attention to the stuff that was in the papers or media, whatever it may be. The guys just did a really good job of staying focused. We have a sign coming out of our stadium saying "Don't believe the hype". I think that speaks for itself, from being the greatest team and then being one of the worst teams, we heard it all. I think guys really buckled down and just trusted one another that we can be a really good football team if we just stay focused and outwork our opponents. Half the time that just comes with practice. If you prepare well in practice, normally you play well. The times we didn't, it cost us. We've got a lot of work to do but at the same time with this team, you've got to keep getting better. There's no doubt in my mind that we won't keep getting better. That's where we're at right now.

Tom Brady talks about what winning eight division titles in 10 years means to him.

It never gets old, I'll tell you that. We never get tired of winning, that's what we have been preparing for all offseason and training camp. To have a chance to do something pretty special today, in a tough division, we have the Bills twice in these conditions, the Jets, Miami with how difficult of a time that they give us. It's a good division and to come out victorious, obviously everyone is very proud of it. The season's not over yet. We've got a game against Miami this coming week that will definitely challenge us and it's great to to come in here and beat the Bills today. It was a great effort by the guys.





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