Humble Pie

Prior to the Super Bowl, the journalistic community was jumping on the Peyton Bandwagon.  Even our own beloved Boston Globe/Herald journalists were not immune to the wonder that is Peyton.  So is it really any surprise that Tony Dungy, Peyton's long-time coach, would be singing his praises from the mountaintops.

Yet what I find so interesting is that he preaches one thing, as evidenced by his book, "Quiet Strength: The Principles, Practices, & Priorities of a Winning Life" and practices the exact opposite.   Take his comment when comparing his beloved Colts with the Patriots, "Your coach wouldn't punt the ball to Peyton, I would punt the ball to Tom Brady with one minute left. Your coach is the best coach in the world and wouldn't punt it to him. What does that say?"   So the question I pose this evening Patriot Nation, is how should one react to this comment? 

It is okay to have your own opinion, everyone does, but to completely disrespect Tom Brady by saying that you would punt to him is asinine.  How many times do you need to get burned by the fire before you realize that you should not stick your hand into the burning coals? I guess those cold nights in Foxboro when Brady and the Pats were dismantling your highly oiled machine really struck a chord. 

Sorry Tony that Bill never shook your hand in respect after a win or loss. 

Sorry you only won one championship while Bill won three during your reign.

Sorry Bill's quarterback is capable of winning playoff games while yours wins regular season games.

Get over it, go see Oprah or talk to Dr. Phil about your jealousy and hatred towards Bill and the Patriots organization.  It's okay to be a homer and back one of your ex-players, but let's relax in waxing poetic as you anoint Peyton the greatest quarterback ever.   Perhaps you should hold off until he has won more than one Super Bowl. 

It's okay that you told Dan Patrick you would be shocked if the Colts lost to the Saints, and I understand why you told Bill Rhoden that you don't believe Manning will need a last minute game winning drive to beat the Saints.   I get it; the arrogance you convey comes out because you have witnessed greatness while coaching Peyton Manning.  But realize being respectful is just as important when comparing someone's counterpart, especially when this counterpart is just as good if not better. 

Enjoy your humble pie as the highlights play over and over again from Super Bowl 44.  Maybe next time you will think twice and demonstrate some of the principles you set forth in your book; my votes for Quiet!

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