Caption Contest Results: Tommy Terrific Edition

Pats_medium via

WINNER: Kiribub with 7 Recs

These right here? They're called your ribs. When Haynesworth lands on them, it's going to hurt. A lot.

HONORABLE MENTIONS: with 4 Recs each.

SlotMachinePlayer :
Brady: "How do you land a Super Model, you ask? Jewelry, my boy, lots of rings..."

Mother Tucker :

Brady: Well Matt, youre pregnant. Feel that kick, he's gonna be a punter. I can't believe I did it again.

Farorefox :

Brady: "You know, you and Gisele have the same eyes... "

JonnyNYC :

Brady: "Matt Ryan....I want to party with you man! That story from BC with you and those cows? Oh and me together...forget about it "

Choose your screen name :

Brady:  "You know the last time I beat Atlanta. The quarterback was so upset he decided to pick up dogfighting as a hobby. "

 After the jump, the running total for this year's Hall of Fame for the Caption Contest:

Two points are given for Winning a contest, one point is given for an Honorable Mention.  I also will give a half point as a finder's fee to people who come up with pictures that I use (NinjaZX6R is currently credited with 7 - in fact he started the idea), of course I don't get points for finding my own pictures.  Note: there is no Honorable Mention on a picture with multiple winners, but all the Winners get 2 points.  NOTE: The best place to submit a picture is in a Steal This Thread post.  We'll be picking (by your votes) 2 entrants this year to enshrine in the Hall of Fame.

Here is the current total:

Comedic.Sans 10.0

SlotMachinePlayer 7.0

NinjaZX6R 5.5

satsunada 4.0

JonnyNYC 3.5

patriotguy/patriotguy2  3.0

bbismyhero 2.0

MaPatsFan 2.0

shoein 2.0

smithjoey223 2.0

NESportsfan: 2.0

Kiribub: 2.0

R_Adragna 1.0

Richard Hill 1.0

sc4rs 1.0

Mother Tucker: 1.0

FaroreFox: 1.0

Choose your screen name: 1.0

Huzaifa P 0.5

Rest assured, there are more pictures and more chances to come.

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