A rolling stone gathers no Moss…

We all remember thinking it.  That feeling inside.  Utter disbelief.  Shock and awe.  A trance.  Am I dreaming? 

“We got THAT guy.  For what, a bunch of nothing?  And WE get THAT guy.  HOLY SH*T.  Belichick is a freaking genius.  Wait is this serious?  For real?  THAT GUY?!?  Yikes.  Wow.”

There is an unmistakable buzz surrounding a surprise and sexy trade, free agent signing or draft pick.  You can’t deny how it makes you feel as a fan.  It’s irresistible.  It’s that good book ya can’t put down.  Or like a mixed drink in a punch bowl that you can’t stop re-filling from.  It’s that red Maserati that passes you on the highway.  It takes all your focus.  You can’t stop thinking about it.  Talking about it.  It consumes you.

We always remember that feeling from the beginning of the player’s tenure.  Few of us, however, remember how that player’s tenure ends.  I think some history of recent Patriot’s past maybe an indicator of future performance.

For most of us, Corey Dillon was that trade.  Coming off the second Super Bowl win in three years, the Pats acquired a top flight running back.  All for one measly second round pick.  I was shocked at the time.  Happy!  Worried about chemistry.  Amazed at the potential improvement the team would make.  Couldn’t put the punch bowl down on that Corey Dillon trade. 

Worked out for us too, right?  A Super Bowl victory 10 months later.  A single season Pat’s record for yards rushing.  Year 2, brought injuries and diminished production (still adequate though).  Year 3, brought split carries with LoMo and still adequate production.   At training camp the next year he was cut, gone but not forgotten. Was a second rounder worth 3 years of Dillon?  I think so.  If the chance was there again, I think the majority of us would jump at it.

Randy Moss for a 4th?  Good God almighty Joe Friday, that got us all excited.  Forget about a good book.  That trade was like crack.  We all couldn’t stop thinking about it.  Dreaming about the potential.  Wondering how Brady would improve with a super-duper-star receiver.  The rumors that Moss had run a 4.29 for Belichick at a workout.  Proclamations from Moss that, “The Moss of old is back.”

We ate it up.  So did the record books.  So many damn records there are too many to mention.  Let’s just say, the trade worked out.  Year 1 was phenomenal.  Year 2 brought the Brady injury, but still more than adequate production from Moss.  Ditto for Year 3. 

Sound familiar?  Moss has flatly stated he doesn’t expect to be with the Patriots in 2011.  Moss was accused of dogging it by opponents in 2009.  Brady and Belichick were compelled to vehemently defend Randy in the press.  The Patriots leaked a story about his injured shoulder that suppressed his production and performance.

Here we are in year four of the Randy Moss Experiment.  The Pats have no discernable 3rd WR, let alone a replacement for Moss.  That’s what we call a gaping hole at WR even with Moss.  The offense is based overwhelmingly on passing.  Wes Welker will be out for the first 7 to 10 weeks.  The de facto O coordinator is hopefully going to find his rhythm with this offense in year 2.

Despite all this evidence and the drastic affect it would have on the offense in 2010, I see the Patriots parting ways with Moss this week.  Let me completely hedge and say POSSIBLY. 

If including Moss in a deal drastically improves their chances of getting a can’t miss prospect (e.g. Suh) or an impact veteran (e.g. Haynesworth), I think the Patriots will strongly consider it.  Moss and number 22 for the second pick overall?   Moss and a 4th for Haynesworth?  I   don’t know how the specifics would play out (insert your own draft pick and veteran player here), but it is worth considering.

They ended up getting nothing for Dillon at the end.  They recently fleeced Seymour for a first before his final season.  There is no cap to consider for the team gaining Moss at approx 9 Mil in 2010.  Some team may want Moss to put them over the top for 2010.  We know what a motivated Moss could do for one season.  A sign and trade could improve Randy’s morale and thus his production. 

It seems improbable at this point.  It creates a gaping hole at WR.  Some team would have to want to gamble on an aging Moss.  The price would have to be right for both sides. 

But it’s out there and I wouldn’t be surprised if it happens.  What do you think?     

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