My 53-Man Roster Prediction

So no messing around lets get to the point.

Let me start with a few of the tougher cuts:

Shawn Springs: Although I wouldn't be surprised if the cut Wheatly instead of springs. One probably has to go. And its pretty much a forgone conclusion this will be Spring's last with the Pats.

Sammy Morris: He's having trouble staying healthy, and has a running style that warrants it. And with the draft pick of Aaron Hernandez, there's less of a need for Morris as far as fullback goes. It looks like his time in New England may be over.

Eric Alexander: We have much better depth at Linebacker this year. And with both Crable and Mckenzie coming back from injury, theres clearly no spot for him.

Rob Ninkovich : For the same reasons above, theres sadly no space for Ninkovich. I could see woods being cut in place for him. But I just trust woods more.

Tory Holt: Probably the most out there of my cuts. But , i think just like Galloway last year, he won't make it on the team. And this time they'll make that call in training camp instead of a 6 games in. And i have a gut feeling Welker will be father ahead then expected. Clearly not ready for opening day, but far enough ahead to opt for the younger guys for the first few weeks.

Others: Matt Slater, David Patten

Offensive Depth Chart

QB: 1. Tom Brady | 2. Brian Hoyer

RB: 1. Laurence Maroney | 2. Kevin Faulk | 3. Fred Taylor | 4. BenJarvus Green-Ellis

WR: 1. Randy Moss | 2a. Wes Welker* | 2b. Brandon Tate | 3. Julien Edelman | 4. Sam Aiken | 5. Taylor Price

TE: 1. Rob Gronkowski | 2. Alge Crumpler | 3. Aaron Hernandez

LT: 1. Matt Light | 2. Matt LeVoir 

LG: 1. Logan Mankins | 2. Dan Connolly

C: 1. Dan Koppen | 2. Ted Larsen

RG: 1. Stephen Neal | 2. Rich Ohrnberger

RT: 1. Sebastian Vollmer | 2. Nick Kaczur


Defensive Depth Chart

DE: 1. Ty Warren | 2. Gerard Warren | 3. Mike Wright | 4. Damione Lewis | 5. Brandon Deaderick

DT: 1. Vince Wilfork | 2. Myron Pryor | 3. Ron Brace

LOLB: 1. Tully Banta-Cain | 2. Shawn Crable

MLB: 1. Jerod Mayo | 2. Gary Guyton | 3. Tyrone McKenzie | 4. Brandon Spikes 

ROLB: 1. Pierre Woods | 2. Jermaine Cunningham 

CB: 1. Leigh Bodden | 2. Darius Butler | 3. Devin McCourty | 4. Jonathan Wilhite | 5. Terrence Wheatley | 6. Kyle Arrington

Safety: 1. Brandon Meriweather | 2. James Sanders | 3. Pat Chung | 4. Brandon McGowan



K: Stephen Gostkowski

P: Zoltan Mesko

LS: Jake Ingram


And to explain a few of my moves. First of all, i hung on to Kyle Arrington just because i think Belicheck will to. He's a special team stud. Which we seem to have a bunch of as usual this year.

I don't have Burgess coming back unless we suffer a injury to one of our linebackers (likely) in the preseason. 

Also I have Warren starting over Wright. I'm not sure why, just my got feeling, and its my fan post, so tough.

And I have Tate as the number 2 receiver going into the season, only because I prefer Edelman in the slot.

*Welker starts the season inactive


So that's it, we're really deep, and are going to have to make some tough cuts. I guess thats the cost of have 12 picks two years in a row.

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