Random NFL thoughts As We Kill Time Until the Draft

With the new and improved prime time draft less than three weeks away, the NFL nation is understandably preoccupied. But, since Richard Hill has done such a great job of covering potential Patriot prospects from the college ranks--thanks for the great profiles and links-- and since Marima, Comedic.sans and SlotMachinePlayer have us covered on everything else (tip of the cap to you all), I'll just offer a short change of pace and suggest some brief diversions. 

Various, scattered thoughts on this April Saturday morning:

  • Why do football announcers always say that blitzes--and blitzes alone--are "dialed up?" Think about it. How many times have you heard announcers say "The Steelers dialed up a blitz that time," or "[name of defensive coordinator] went to his playbook and dialed up a blitz?" I've been watching on NFL network the Sunday replays of games from the 2009 season and was struck by regularity of this phrase. No matter the network or announcer or the game involved, it seems blitzes are always being dialed up. It's not like it's only Troy Aikman doing it; it seems universal. Blitzes are never called, sent in, ordered, called for, or anything else. Always "dialed up." (I guess that's what those banks of sideline telephones are for). But notice that nothing else in the game is ever "dialed up." Nobody ever dials up a screen pass or a flanker reverse. No announcer ever says "The Patriots dialed up a dime package on that play." Why DO announcers say that blitzes are dialed up but don't say that about any other play or set or play call? Inquiring (draft-numbed) minds want to know.
  • I'm absolutely sure the Patriots will win the AFC championship next season. Why? Improved pass rush? Less predictable offense? Special insider knowledge about the draft? Nope. It's all about recent history. Consider the list of AFC champions since 2004:

2004: Patriots

2005: Steelers

2006: Colts


2007: Patriots

2008: Steelers

2009: Colts


Anybody else see a pattern here? Clearly, the Pats, Steelers, and Colts take turns winning the AFC in a nice, logical sequence. So 2010 is obviously going to be the Patriots' year. And don't bet against the Steelers in 2011. Sorry, Rex Ryan. You don't belong in this conversation.

  • Sorry, I thought I had a third random thought--but I can't seem to dial it up just now. (You know you saw that one coming).

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