Happy with the results but shocked by the vote....

I'm writing this post, in part, to correct a strong stance I took on certain assumptions. While some were correct, others were certainly NOT.....  and I want to make sure the true facts are revealed as they surface.

I recently found data that contradicts a strong stance I took. I insinuated the owners vote on the 2014 Super Bowl were probably split accross the middle of the country between warm and cold weather franchises. I even listed what I felt were the "obvious teams" who voted certain ways. While my thoughts were closer to correct on most, I was very wrong about a couple... and it’s now time to eat some crow….

I saw an article written by a NY Daily News sports writer and I exited before capturing the URL. But I did manage to copy / paste the important facts of the article to my clipboard before exiting.

Anyway, the article listed 11 teams that had gone ON RECORD as saying the favored a cold weather Super Bowl and 7 who did not. The rest of the teams either had “no comment” or were no available for comment to reporters. The “11” included both the Jets and Giants and the “7” includes Bucs and Phins (assuming they voted for themselves the 1st time…. and then the Phins voted for the Bucs after they were eliminated).


In interviews over the last two months completed this week at the meetings, the Daily News spoke to the owners or team presidents of 19 of the 32 teams. Here’s how the vote broke down:

Eleven teams said they would vote for New York or indicated they were inclined to support the bid: In addition to the Giants and Jets, that group includes the Patriots, Falcons, Eagles, Cowboys, Browns, Chargers, Packers, Vikings and Broncos.

Five teams either said they would vote against New York or indicated they were not in favor of a cold weather Super Bowl: Texans, Steelers, Bills, Cardinals and Ravens. Two teams that will not vote for New York on the first ballot: the Dolphins and Bucs. They want the game themselves.

Three teams said they either had no comment or were undecided: Saints, Bengals and Bears.

Eleven owners never entered The News’ polling booth: Jaguars, Colts, Titans, Chiefs, Raiders, Redskins, Lions, Panthers, Seahawks, 49ers and Rams.


I apologize to the writer for failing to give credit because it was the only such article I’ve seen writen like it since the vote.

With that said, I want to give props to the Chargers and the Falcons for being two teams I would NOT have suspected on “that side” of the vote. On the other end of the spectrum. I’m offended that the Bills Steelers and Ravens decided to wear their skirts to the meeting and voted like a pack of pansies. I just felt like it was time for the blue collar franchises to band together and stand up for old fashion football. I would have NEVER suspected that to ever occur with those teams. I read that one paragraph with my mouth open. 

If this article is true, I will forever lend my puny little voice against those candy-a$$ pansies from ever getting a Super Bowl in their stadiums. WTF? It’s really too bad because I have always respected these blue collar, working class, football communities as role-players in the very “heart” of the NFL. I know they ARE, but in my opinion, their owners certainly didn't act like it.

I know the owners could have voted for one of the others simply because of a personal connection they may have to another owner…. but sometimes…. it’s just time to do the “right thing”. If there's one owner who had good reason to hinder the vote, Bob Kraft would have been the guy! When I think of the ways the Pats and Jets have "administratively" done battle over the last decade, he would have had the ammunition to say "NO WAY". In spite of that, he did what was right for the NFL and the City of New York. BIG PROPS to the Kraft family!

The views expressed in these FanPosts are not necessarily those of the writers or SBNation.

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