10 Thoughts on a Sunday Night

1.       If Dan Connolly is performing well enough and the offensive line is creating holes and keeping Tom upright, when and if Logan comes back, will Bill have him step right in to his natural position at the expense of tinkering with a cohesive unit?

2.       With the running back position changing the past couple of years from a single back to a running back by committee approach, is it out of the possibility that Bill will spend a high draft pick or top dollars on a free agent running back because of the limited carries to share between all of the backs and the amount of money a high draft choice would cost?

3.       I am very surprised at the media reaction during Redskins camp with the whole Albert Haynesworth saga.  Is this not the same guy when he was in Tennessee, stomped on the head of center Andre Gurode?  Sheep in wolves clothing, he will never change.

4.       Sam Bradford might eclipse the record set by David Carr of the Houston Texans when he was sacked an NFL record 76 times in the 2002 season.

5.       Deion Branch games started since leaving New England for Seattle: 13, 11, 8, 5.  Talk about damaged goods.

6.       With all of the free agents brought in to possibly replace Logan Mankins and now a trade with the Falcons for Quinn Ojinnaka, it is fair to say that Bill is not going to budge on this one?

7.       Wonder what Revis is thinking tonight on the expected contract extension of Nick Mangold in the next couple days.  Revis Island is getting lonelier and lonelier with disgruntled players wanting their contracts redone, seems like Revis will be the last player standing.

8.       Patriot icon Drew Bledsoe in 14 NFL seasons had only four years of a completion percentage of 60% or higher.  In comparison, last year alone there were 21 QB’s with 60% or higher.

9.       In 2003 LT ran for 1645 yards with 13 TD’s and caught 100 passes for 725 yards and 4 TD’s.  Can’t have a much better year than that when you combine the two, considering he was fourth in receptions behind Holt, Moss, and Bolden. 

10.   There is energy about the Patriots this year like no other.  The infusion of youth into this team is long overdue, so don’t worry Bill, the kids will be alright.

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