SBN AFC EAST League Draft results

For those of you that tried to get in I do apologize. The commissioner that invited me has disappeared and  I have not heard from him since the invitation. He wasn't even at the draft that was this past Saturday. I tried to get a couple more Pats fans in, but no go.

Here's how the league stacks up. 5 fans/teams for the Bills (I guess we have a 100% compliance) 3 for the Phins, Jets, & Pats with a total of 14 teams. Here is whom I drafted. Please don't kill me for the last couple of picks. There always a stretch and this is the 1st team I have ever had to draft defensive players. There will be some corrections to make my roster more even. I'll get to that after the jump.


Springfield Sioux



Randy Moss



Miles Austin



Tom Brady



Matt Forte



Ahmad Bradshaw



Thomas Jones



Clinton Portis



Chris Cooley



Donovan McNabb



Julian Edelman



Jerricho Cotchery- dropped and picked up Mario Manningham



Demaryius Thomas



Laurence Maroney- Dropped and Johnathan Vilma picked up



David Akers



New England



Darius Butler



Vince Wilfork- dropped and picked up Kirk Morrison



Dwight Freeney



Osi Umenyiora

So after I read the scoring system and flipped through the bye weeks I had to drop an offensive guy and pick up a Defensive one until my byes go bye bye. I dropped Vince because of the point system and it is only 1 point for a tackle, 1/2 point for an assist, 2 points for a sack, 3 points for an INT. If it was a point for every offensive lineman occupied then I would keep him. I think Darius will fulfill his potential and be a very good to great DB.

The reason I have so many Pats. I like them. I know alot about them and can make some educated guesses on there future performances. Laurence I believe I can pick back up by the end of the Byes. Hopefully he can finish like he did in 08.

Picking 7th I could have stretched and picked an 2nd tier RB's. Instead I went with a top tier WR's in the 1st and 2nd rounds. TB landed to me in the 3rd after the likes of Aaron Rodgers (8th) & Drew "fa" Breeze (10th) in the 1st round.   I still like my RB's I picked and when I picked them. T Jones may be a bust, but may be the best RB in KC. Time will tell. I am saying this now Forte is going to have a surge this season and eclipse his rookie yr stats(1200yds rush 8TDs 400yds Rec 4TD).

I will do my best to represent the Pulpit and I welcome info on some sleepers that I have missed. If you have played defensive players before, you’re more then welcome to give me a little lesson on it. I’m flying blind on that one. 

I look forward to dominating the league and making every Patriots fan proud with my team motto. "we hate the Jets, we don't lose to the Jets, we F-ing hate the Jets"-BB



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