Minnesota Vikings vs NE Patriots / visiting NE questions

Hello Patriot faithful!

I am a Minnesota Vikings fan (hold the boo’s) from Minnesota and I will be visiting your beautiful state with my girlfriend when my purple (with or without Favre) come to town on Halloween. Maybe I can just “pretend” to be dressed as a Vikings fan so you people don’t pummel me.

Anyways, I am a season ticket holder and have been for many years.

Once or twice a year, My girlfriend and I travel to see my Vike’s on the road.

This year’s winner of the “Vikings Road Trip” award is Gillette Stadium (or Foxboro...or whatever you call it).

I am very excited about coming to see this game for many reasons.

One, believe it or not, I have been a Patriots fan sins they lost to the dreaded Green Bay Packers in the Superbowl.

As you know, most Vikings fans and Packer fans do not like the opposing team…I became a fan of the Patriots for the sole propose of the rivalry.

Unfortunately, It didn’t go our way. However, I wore my Patriots shirt for the other Superbowls that your powerhouse Patriots were in.


So here’s some questions that I have for you, and the more answers the better. It will help me explore New England at its best.

Feel free to answer some of the questions, or all that you know.


#1 - Where should we park to tailgate at Gillette Stadium?
What price range will it be?
Do we need a parking pass to tailgate?


#2 – Have you been on a Gillette Stadium tour? Would you recommend it?


#3 - I’ve been to Lincoln Financial Field and surrounded by angry Philly fans who were more than aggressive.

I am a non-aggressive fan, and always show class and respect while I am the visitor in someone else’s house.

Do I have to worry about aggressive Patriots fans?


#4 - What are some good restaurants in Boston that you would recommend? I would like all of your favorites…Cheap places as well as steakhouses. I would like to try a few of them!


#5 - What is a good local bar to go to? I am too old for clubs. I like unique places, places that stand out, or pubs with nice beer selections.


#6 - What are some good live local bands that play around?
I like rock music. Pretty much all types of rock, alternative, pop, funky, whatever.
What about a good venue to see them play live?


#7 - Where is the best vantage point of the Boston Skyline? What about a bar patio with a great view?


#8 – Where is the best  place to see the ocean? Are there any Lighthouses or anything like that? Sorry, this is my first real trip out to New England, I have no idea what to expect!


#9 - Bloody Mary's and breakfast. Who makes the best bloody Mary, and what are some good breakfast joints?


#10 - Are there any "Best of Boston" sites or links that you could tell me about?


#11 - Anything else that you would recommend an out-of-towner to see or do?


#12 – We will be visiting for a week and traveling to Maine and in Rhode Island for a night. Is there anything that is a “Must see” on those areas?


#13 - Are there any vineyards/winery’s that are open in late October?


#14 - What can we expect the weather to typically be?  



All answers are GREATLY appreciated.

Thanking you in advance, and GOOD LUCK to your Patriots this year,


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