My Thoughts Around The League

1.       Can Ocho Retard-O concentrate on being a wide receiver rather than a movie star?  The last time I saw him he was stranded on Revis Island.  Way to back up that promise.

2.       Can’t remember the last time in history that a team who was 9-7 during the regular season garnished so much hype the following year as the JETS.  I understand Hard Knocks and trying to sell PSL’s, but last time I looked this league is run by the QB position and Sanchez just does not make the grade.

3.       With Brett Favre’s impending retire announcement now on year five, do you think that Ed Werder, Chris Mortensen and Brett Favre have the Verizon Family Plan with the amount to texting going on?   

4.       When asked what he would do as an encore to rushing for 2000 yards last year, Chris Johnson of the Titans said “I want to break Eric Dickerson’s record”.  You would think that win a Super Bowl would be the main goal!

5.       Now that Pioli, Weis, and Crennel are back together again in K.C., time will tell if it was Bill Belichick was the main ingredient to the Patriots success or a culmination of the group.  Bill has not won since this group went their separate ways.

6.       Bob Sanders over under for the season is seven games.  Having played six years in the league and was only healthy for two, it is fair to say that the Colts have moved on and still had success.  Can’s say that about the Steelers and Troy Polamula, the one year that he misses most of the season the Steelers allow the most points since he was drafted as a rookie, and don’t make the playoffs.

7.       Can anyone name the starting two receivers for the Rams?  Ready and GO!  I didn’t think so, long are the days of Holt and Bruce and the greatest show on turf, sorry Sam Bradford.

8.       Don’t see how the addition of Dez Bryant and Ken Hamlin makes the Cowboys Super Bowl favorites in the NFC when they were humiliated by the Vikings 34-3 last year.  They need to worry about winning their own division before hosting the Super Bowl.

9.       I blame the Vikings front office for not preparing for life without Brett Favre.  With Favre’s track record lately, they should have done their due diligence. They could have signed, drafted, or traded for a replacement instead being hamstrung on Favre’s return. 

10.   If Bill Polian has the same chance again at going undefeated this year, will he still rest his players for what's best for the team?

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