The battle in the trenches will define week 2

To me what gets lost in the shuffle of Monday nights game is the fact that both the Jets and Ravens have exception offensive lines.   The Ravens and Jets are also two of the most aggressive teams at applying stress to the opposing Oline.  For week 2 I look at things in this way:

Pats on Offense:

The Patriots have a good offensive line, but it is not nearly as physical as the Ravens.

In terms of running the ball, the backfield is also not as skilled as Ray Rice and I'm not sure the physical style of running is the best match up for the Pats in week 2.  If the Ravens couldn't do it, hard to see the Pats doing much better.  

The film from Monday night doesn't show much new to me, so I revert to last years rematch in the Razor where the spread formation was more effective, with the running game coming into play inside the 10. With Welker healthy, hopefully Edelman healthy, Tate playing well in week 1 and 3 solid TE's, there are a lot of routes that can be run underneath, with Moss/Welker/Tate pushes the safeties deeper.

Given the struggles of the Jets secondary in week 1, I believe the Pats absolutely have to assault this group early and often.  

I seriously doubt it would happen but my proposed week 1 Welker TD formation with Edelman replacing Welker and passing from behind the 2 TEs split wide could work ridiculously well against Wilson or Cromartie.  Or better yet if it's Faulk dropping out of the backfield on a LB as the play develops.   I don't think this type of play is in the BB/BoB playbook, but it'd be sweet and effective.

Pats on Defense:

Especially with Holmes out, the Jets are not going to beat you deep via speed.  I think we'll see a lot of the 3 safety look, DBs playing off the WRs and keeping them in front, a lot of coverages that force Sanchez to check down or take risks.  From the way week 1 played out for them, I believe the Jets will be taking more risks down the field this week (they really have too) and the trick would be to hide coverages as much as possible.

Stopping the run is going to be crucial, as it gets a lot easy to throw down field on 3rd a 5 vs 3rd and 10.  Pats did a great job against Benson last week, and I think they can contain Greene and LT in a similar fashion, loading up against the run on 1st and 2nd downs, knowing the Jets don't have the speed to beat you deep.

I would also match McCourty on Edwards and Bulter on Cotchery wherever possible.

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