FF update for the SBN AFCE Week #1- Well now, that was easy


Score Summary

TeamPoint Total
Springfield Sioux 185.00
PA Jets 137.50

Springfield Sioux 1-0-0



Pos Player Opp Status Projected Actual
QB Tom Brady (NE - QB) Player notes Cin W, 38-24 14.08 22.00
WR Randy Moss (NE - WR) Player notes Cin W, 38-24 11.69 7.50
WR Miles Austin (Dal - WR) Player notes @Was L, 13-7 11.43 25.00
WR Mario Manningham (NYG - WR) Player notes Car W, 31-18 7.01 11.00
RB Matt Forte (Chi - RB) New player notes Det W, 19-14 8.80 33.50
RB Ahmad Bradshaw (NYG - RB) Player notes Car W, 31-18 12.71 15.00
TE Chris Cooley (Was - TE) Player notes Dal W, 13-7 6.95 11.00
K David Akers (Phi - K) No new player Notes GB L, 27-20 7.78 9.00
DEF Cleveland (Cle - DEF) No new player Notes @TB L, 17-14 10.51 8.00
D Jonathan Vilma (NO - LB) Player notes Min W, 14-9 6.62 8.00
D Chad Greenway (Min - LB) Player notes @NO L, 14-9 9.51 10.50
D Jerod Mayo (NE - LB) Player notes Cin W, 38-24 7.49 10.00
D Lance Briggs (Chi - LB) Player notes Det W, 19-14 6.44 14.50
Total       121.02 185.00

My results for FF from week #1. I'll admit I never thought that Forte would have a big game like this one. Now that MM (Mike Martz, author of the greatest show on turf) said he is alot like Marshal Faulk. I really look forward to see how his talent will be used. It is a PPR league and I am going to take advantage of this for as long as possible.


Some other side notes on the team- I did pick up Cleveland for the week. I have reacquired the Pats defense for the future. Maybe I’ll drop them on the bye week, but if they do well until then I may just keep them for the rest of the season.


Some little gambles did pay off- Chris Cooley I drafted in all of my FF teams. Chris only played 3 weeks last season and with Jason Campbell as the QB he was a Pro bowler in the past. I thought that McNabb (which I have as a back up) loves TE’s and he made Celek a top FF TE. What would he do with a Pro Bowl type talent. I came up with a Dallas Clark Vibe and need to draft him. So far so good.


It was mostly a walk, from the finish of the 1st set of games on Sunday. I once again invite any comments or suggestions for my team and how I can be more dominate. Last week it was a Jets fan, this week it’s a Phin’s phan. Keeps harping on the whole my team was undefeated and yours wasn't. Every thing he comes up with a bring 3 Pats facts he didn't know. It's getting trying but simple minds and all. I let him do the engaging and I completely dissolve the argument he's trying to piece together. Eventually when the weekend comes around I'll let my team do the talking. "we don't lose to the Jets, we Fing Hate the Jets, we never lose to the JETS"-BB

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