If it quacks like a's a duck. New England has serious issues with their Coaching staff

Mike Reiss had a great post on this today here.  Yesterday was yet another example of the Pats being significantly out couched.

More then anything, this to me is the difference between the Dynasty continuing and the team being just another contender.

Game plans are designed well, but it's the ability to adjust in game and at half time that is seriously lacking.

With the exception of the Matt Cassell year, where there really was sound coaching - this is the part of the football team which has struggled the most.

Is it about Weiss and Crennel?   Is it about having too much faith in Brady's arm?   Yes and Yes but mostly its about BB.

W & C were great coaches and more importantly great peers for him.   That trust and respect, there football and NFL IQ is a big part of what is missing.

He had two coaches he could trust to run their units at the micro level while so he focused the macro level. The Denver MNF football game is a wonderful example of this.

He had two coaches who had enough experience and wisdom in the league to offer qualified alternatives to BB's thoughts, or add major wrinkles to his overall plans.   Two heads are better then one, and three heads are lethal, as we saw.  

Since their departure though, BB hasn't had this opportunity.  Instead of hiring experienced coaches, he's brought along guys he's mentored.   I wouldn't have a problem with that except that these young guys he mentors are getting poached before they have the NFL IQ to really help BB as he needs them too (Mangini and McDaniels)

I can understand him not wanting to bring in outside guys, Nolan, Capers, etc., on defense but at this point I believe it's very clear the Pats need more experience in their coaching staff to succeed.

When shizzo hits the fizzo and your original game plan becomes toilet paper,  BB can't be checking in on BoB, calling defensive plays and redesigning the overall strategy of how to get the W.  He simply can't do that on his own, no coach can.

And if all 'your guys' are getting poached as they rise up, you need to look for guys who have been in the league for a while.  A because they have great experience, B because they are less attractive to other teams.

Hard to expect this to change during the season, perhaps new opportunities will arise that could make it easier.   I'm not crazy about Wade Phillips as a HC, but if he gets canned by week 8, I think he's a DC or special assistant that could help.

There are simply too many games lost due to lack of coaching for me.   That's the defining characteristic of great teams in the NFL, great coaching.  Pats do not have that right now, and haven't for too many years.

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