Week 3 Power Rankings

Yahoo! Sports ranks them 5th (-4)How much scarier is the Patriots’ offense with rookie tight ends Aaron Hernandez and Rob Gronkowski making plays?

National Football Post ranks them 7th (-4)The Patriots stalled out in the second half at New York, but they aren’t going anywhere.

Fox Sports ranks them 7th (-3):  I'm still stunned that WR Randy Moss didn't record a catch after injured CB Darrelle Revis left last week's game. How is that possible? I would expect the Patriots to bounce back in a big way this week. Expect the Bills to be a sacrificial lamb on Sunday as they were last week against the Packers.

The Sporting News ranks them 7th (nc)The cracks in their defense started to show against the Jets, so they'll just turn around and lean more on Tom Brady. Up next: Two more division games.

NFL Fanhouse ranks them 8th (-6):  The two biggest problems with the 2009 Patriots were their inability to win games on the road and their failure to close teams out in the second half of games. After Sunday's loss to the Jets, we have to wonder if those will continue to be their biggest concerns this time around.

Don Banks ranks them 8th (-4)It's a tricky little knot we're trying to untangle at the bottom of our Week 3 top 10. The Jets just beat the Patriots, and they're both 1-1, so New York has to be ranked at least one notch higher than New England. But the Patriots beat the Bengals soundly in Week 1, so they get the nod over Cincy. The Bengals just beat Baltimore, so you want them at least one slot better than the Ravens. But the whole thing gets complicated because Baltimore beat the Jets in Week 1, and I happen to think the Ravens are going to the Super Bowl. See what I'm dealing with here?

CBS Sports ranks them 9th (-6)Some of the flaws in their defense showed up against the Jets. They have to be better than that if they are to win the division.

USA Today ranks them 9th (-5):  Have been outscored 39-14 in the second half this season.

WEEI ranks them 9th (-4)The Patriots team that showed up in New York last Sunday looked very familiar to the one we saw in 2009. Last year the Patriots struggled to win on the road and they gave up too many first-half leads. New England’s secondary couldn’t make a stop in the second half and was exposed. I can only imagine what will happen when quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Philip Rivers challenge the Pats secondary.

ESPN ranks them 9th (-5)Bill Belichick won't let the Pats panic after losing a road game against the Jets.

Pro Football Weekly ranks them 9th (-5)Two pass-­interference calls were killers. ranks them 10th (-6)

What If Sports ranks them 10th (+3)

Peter King ranks them 11th (-9):  "It's going to be a long week," said Brady.  Sure will be.  Foxboro won't be a fun place to work this week.

Cold Hard Football Facts ranks them 11th (-7)The Patriots have been outgained in their last four games, including playoffs; they’d outgained their opponent in 42 times in 53 games before this latest run.


AVERAGE RANK:  8.6  (-4)

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