Interesting players that could fit us?

Prilmarily, it would be nice for us to add some pass-rushing presence and offensive line quality depth or upgrades.

However, any player you would think would be a good addition should be mentioned here. Jarvis Green is an obvious (an already mentioned option) as well as Jay Richardson (by CCNation) as candidates for depth at DE.

Admittedly there's not a whole lot to be exited about, which I suppose is one good way of comparing our depth with the rest of the league and grading it above average.

Some names I'm intrigued in...

Duke Robinson, G, cut by Carolina - Lots of questions here but this guy was highly thought of coming out of college. Could he help us out? Maybe not a great fit for our blocking scheme but appears to be an option as a maulerover what we've currently got? At least he could perhaps help us punch it in when in goal-line situations?

Brandon McDonald, CB, cut by Cleveland - Maybe best known for his Twitter messages but after all he's started 27 games the past three years and was semi-effective. I think I like him over Wilhite.

Junior Siavii, DT, cut by Dallas - Perhaps too limited and would at best be a depth option in case (god forbid) Wilfork would go down.

Jarvis Green, DE and Darrell Reid, DE/OLB, all cut by Denver - The first two are intriguing options as potential help to create some pressure up-front. In Reid's case it's the question whether he can effectively work as a 3-4 OLB that will decide whether he's even remotedly interesting.

Jon Jansen, OT, cut by Detroit - Might be over the hill and has suffered numerous injuries but if healthy enough deserves a look?

Kynan Forney, OG, cut by Jacksonville - I think Forney has been relatively solid throughout his career and to me a far better option than Wendell at this stage of his career.

Donald Thomas, OG cut by Miami - same argument as for Forney.

Bobby McCray, DE, cut by New Orleans - could he be converted into a rush OLB that fit the mold of the Patriots. If so, I really like them looking into this. He's a proven pass-rusher and that's a very good start.

Justin Hartwig, C, cut by Pittsburgh - With Pouncey aboard became expendable. Not an upgrade over Koppen but would be an immedate insurance to the inside OL spots in case of further injuries.

Raheem Brock, DE, cut by Tennessee - At 32 years of age he might have lost a step but 've always liked Brock as an unheralded backup in Indianapolis. A long-shot but still a player that could add to our outside pursuit?

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