10 Trivia Questions If You Are Bored

I compiled some trivia questions to see how people could do to kick off 2011.  Some of the questions are off the wall and some are not,  have fun and no peaking below at the answers until you have tried to take a guess.  Good Luck!

1.       There are only 4 coaches who have averaged over 10+ wins for their entire career. 

2.       There are only 7 teams that have an all-time team rushing, passing, catching and coaching leaders for the same decade.  Can you name them? 

3.       There is only one player that has averaged over 100+ a game for his career.  Was it Jim Brown, Barry Sanders, Chris Johnson, or Adrian Peterson? 

4.       The first 9 player who had the most All-time Games played were offensive players, who was the first defensive player coming in at number 10 on that list? 

5.       There have been many players that change teams but only one who has done it 8 times, who am I? 

6.       With the BJGE having not fumbled in 309 career carries, who holds the all-time record at 708? 

7.       With the NFL draft being around since 1936, and the first punter was drafted 1964, can you name the first and only pure punter drafted in the first round?

8.       There are three players in the Hall of fame that started out in the USFL, who are they? 

9.       Since Belichick has taken over in 2000, there have been 11 people arrested for the Patriots, can you name them?

10.   Of the active coaches in the league, who has the most pre-season wins and who has the least amount of wins? 




Answers Below:




  1. John Madden, Bill Belichick, Tony Dungy, and George Seifert
  2. Bills, Texans, Redskins, Ravens, Denver, Colts, Panthers
  3. Jim Brown
  4. Darrell Green
  5. Mark Royals – Tampa, Pitt, Detriot, Miami, New Orleans,  Jacksonville, Philadelphia, St. Louis.
  6.  LT
  7. Ray Guy
  8. Reggie White, Steve Young, and Jim Kelly
  9. Bret Lockett, Willie Andrews, Nick Kaczur, Kevin Faulk, Jonathan Sullivan, Marquise, Walker, Ty Law, Kenyatta Jones, Bobbie Hamilton, Terry Glenn, Adrian Klemm. Willie Andrews was the only repeat offender.
  10. Mike Shanahan has 43 wins and Todd Haley has 1 win.

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