The 3 TE, 2RB set vs the Jets - winning formation? Fun with Formations!

I keep going back in my head  to a week 1 formation the Pats employed that resulted in 6, that I haven't seen since.

It was 2 TE split wide with Welker behind them, 10 yard screen = 6 pts.  

I realized that play won't work every time but I got to thinking about what is a new formation the Pats could employ this week that could provide multiple looks and multiple mis-matches for the Jets?

My resolution:  3 TE, 2 RB set.  Brady in the shotgun, Woody and BJ-GE split on either side.  Hernandez out wide and Gronks/Crumps on the line:

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My initial thoughts after the break!

So if the Pats come out in an entirely different formation, with multiple looks and multiple personnel groups with in it, you get the Jets completely off guard and unbalanced and when you go back to the spread look, you can either

First, I see many, many plays that can be run from this formation with it's current personnel, I can also see this formation run with Welker split out or in the backfield, Hernandez in the backfield, etc. 

Top line lets talk about flexibility:

1.  This package would likely classify as "heavy" for the Jets, so more LBs then DBs

Hernandez on the edge is a mismatch that might get Revis, might not. 

As you motion players around from here even more mismatches can be created


2. This package gives Brady tremendous pre-snap options to counter Rex's new formations:

- He's got multiple TEs to call in for protection

- We can motion Woody out into a slot.

- He's got a speed back for a power toss, and a power back for a draw or true power formation

3.  Specific plays

- bring Herndo into the line, motion gronks to opposite side and run a heavy toss to Woody with Benny leading.

- same TE motions, fake the toss and hit a throw back to Herndo in the flat with one man to beat

- Run a reverse with Benny moving left and giving it of to herndo heading toward the power side.

- Motion into a power TE screen:  motion Gronk to split out opposite side of Herndo, motion Crumps to line up with him, motion Herndo accross the field and behind them or motion Woody out behind them.

4.  Multiple personnel

- Welker or Branch or both could sit in the backfield in place of Woody

- Either could line up out on the edge and Herndo could be in the backfield

- Herndo and Welker could be in the backfield with Branch or Tate out wide.  Pre snap reads would dictate the final formation.


What I'm looking for is the offensive counter, because Rex is a great defensive coach and it's not likely at all you beat him twice with the same attack - especially not when the first time around was so embarrassing for him.

So while the Jets are preparing to slow down the Attack of the Smurfs, episode II - coming out with a 3TE and 2RB formation that has multiple protections, passing and running plays could really confuse the Jets D who's got a lot of work to do from the last game.

Thoughts, other plays out of this formation?  Personnel groups?   I'm going to try and add formation and play images if I have time later today

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