On to the Offseason

I understand that the loss was great to many of us. And after a few discussions about what happened, what could have been, and the Jets won with all the talk they backed up. After this, we all have to move on. Some of us believe that we should wait until the season is over, before looking at the off-season, but I like to start early.


After today, I'll be looking at draft prospects from 1st round to around the 5th round. I'll be making a post, if I found one interesting and that we should definitely take a look at. So, here's some thoughts:


Our needs include: OL, OLB, RB, WR, DL, and maybe DB(meriweather might not make the offseason, and I have no idea how bodden would be next season).


For the 1st round: I'm thinking we should go for DE and OT.


We run 3 to 4 man rushes quite often, and we need help to penetrate the opponents OL and create depth to our injured DL. I will say OT, because we need help to protect brady's blind side. Light is getting older, and vollmer isn't too good at RT I believe. He seems to do better against blind side rushers. Regardless if Vollmer plays left or right, we need a guy who can be more consistent than Light, and younger(Light has played well this season, but we pretty much have no depth behind both Light and Vollmer, and I don't know how long Light will be.... well playing well.).


For the 2nd round: I'm thinking we go Center and OLB.


Dan Connely is regressing, and is also getting older. We need to have a new starting center, and dan is likely not going to be very good next season. He is adequate, but not good. For OLB, we need someone to play opposite of Cunningham, and can pass rush very well. Nink is a great backup, but no starter. TBC wasn't very good this season either. We need someone who can set the edge, as well as pass rush VERY well on the right side. 


For the 3rd round: I'm thinking we go RB and OLB or OG. 


Law Firm and Woodhead are so far our only RBs that are definite stays. We need a 3rd RB. I like Woodhead running, but I feel that I like him more of a 3rd down RB in a faulk role. Faulk might not be here next season as well as Morris. I think the 3rd round is good enough to get a RB. I'd like to try and get an OG/C if there is one. I was thinking Guard, but I think we'll resign mankins and connely played well in his first starting year. However, maybe I like Connely more as a backup. OLB because I think we need to try and get real good depth there.


For the 4th round: I'm thinking we go OLB or OG. Whatever we don't get in the 3rd, we should get here. 


For the 5th round: I'm thinking we go for OT. We need more depth behind there. 


For the 6th round: I'm thinking we go WR. Just for depth, and Torry Holt might not be back next year anyways.


For the 7th round: I'm thinking we go C. Again.... depth.



A rough draft of our draft(not my final opinion on what I would like our draft to be):


1st round: 1st pick: Cameron Heyward or Cameron Jordan. Both DEs.

2nd pick: DeMarcus Love, OT of Arkansas


2nd round: 1st pick: Stefen Wisnieski, C of Penn State. If he's not there, then we should get an OLB first, and a DE second.


2nd pick: Dontay Moch, OLB of Nevada


3rd round: 1st pick: John Moffit, OG of Wisconsin


2nd pick: Kendall Hunter, RB of Oklahoma State 


4th round: Doug Hogue, OLB or Syracuse


5th round: Joseph Barksdale, OT of LSU


6th roundDane Sanzenbacher, WR of Ohio State.


7th round: Zane Taylor, C of Utah



I'll be looking at these guys, and more. Hopefully we have a hell of an offseason. GO PATS!!!

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