Seven Deadly Sins, applied to football teams

This is just a silly thing I came up with and was amused by to distract myself from the impending 'worst AFC championship game ever'.  Let me know if you like it or not.


Basically, I applied the seven sins to a football team, trying to use teams that are currently or generally 'competitive' in the league, as to not kick anyone who's down.  I applied one to the Pats to be fair.  Obviously I'm taking low blows here, but all in good fun.  Check it out below the jump.

1. Pride - New York Jets.

The Jets blustering arrogance starts with Rex Ryan and permeates the team.  They refuse to respect their opponents, and are either cocky winners, or sore losers.


2. Wrath - New England Patriots.

The Pats, never having gotten over their embarrassment of the spygate scandal, seek to punish the league and humiliate those who speak against them.  They execute a cold precision, and cut players mercilessly who do not fit their schemes.


3. Lust - Pittsburgh Steelers

Do I need to say more than Ben Rothlisberger?  This can also tie into, however, the vomit-inducing worship of the 70s Steel Curtain.


4. Sloth - San Diego Chargers

The Chargers are classic procrastinators, rarely looking alive when things are not on the line.  They are a great team on paper, but their inability to get moving comes back to haunt them.


5. Envy - Baltimore Ravens

Not only do they stew at being constantly overridden by the Steelers, but they see every loss as an injustice against them.  Calls are only ever against them, never for them, and it's JUST NOT FAIR!!!


6. Greed- Dallas Cowboys

Jerry Jones and crew demand and expect status as their right.  Their quest for 'the best' constantly undercuts them as they take what is shiny, and not what is valuable.


7. Gluttony - Indianapolis Colts

The Colts just can't get enough.  Never enough wins, never enough advertisements, never enough respect etc.  They gorge themselves during the good years, and whine the minute you start to remove their plates.  Probably a symptom of being so pathetic before their rise, like the starving man who will eat himself to death.

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