My pitch for Mark Ingram

So I've mentioned this in an earlier post this week and commented in a few other posts as well, I believe the Pats need to acquire a premier back, a stud, a feature-type back.

- I agree that the Pats have done alright with lesser backs this year and in many years passed.

- I also agree improving the OL will help the current backs be better backs.   

- I don't think just improving the line is good enough though, here is why it's not and why Mark Ingram should be considered with one of the 1st 3 picks for New England.

1.  The simplest way I can say the offense would be different with a feature back vs Benny is this;

The game plan you would design with Ben-Jarvis as your running back is different then the game plan you would design for Correy Dillon, correct?

2.  Complimentary backs won the Pats two superbowls in Antwain Smith.  I make the claim here that complimentary backs were more effective then because Tom Brady was less effective.   He was younger, he wasn't trusted to do as much - had not accomplished as much.  So the team would stick to the run to be "safe"   Clearly Tom has evolved to a different level, I think the running game needs to evolve with him.

3.  Even if the Pats did not alter their game plan to more of a power game, a premier back not only would do more with the same carries but would likely be able to help the Patriots maintain a good balance in their game planning.   

4.  Stop Brady, frustrate Brady and you can beat the Pats going away.   Add a premier back to this mix, make defenses at least consider stopping the running game as a major part of their game planning and it's an entirely different world.  Rex Ryan did a great job on Sunday stopping Tom Brady, but if you forced him to stop run and pass, I don't think that would have been as easy for him or Mangini and cleveland.

5.  Why should it be Mark Ingram.  He runs hard, strong and mean.  He has great hands out of the backfield.  He's done it in the absolute best conference and done it for a coach BB knows and respects well.  He's also got that NFL lineage thing.  

6.  Finally he is tracking to "fall" to into the Pats range just like another SEC back from another generation.  Similar in size and weight, similarly successful at a major SEC program though with some questions about durability and top end speed for the NFL.   The other back I'm thinking of is Emmitt Smith, who went 17th to the Cowboys, who needed an elite RB to compliment their passing game and QB.

not saying Mark Ingram is going to turn out like Emmitt, i'm suggesting their collegiate careers and potential to fall to the right team are similar.  I think the Pats are a perfect team for Ingram and I think he would absolutely improve the running game and desire to run for the Pats.

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